Andre Ewell talks beef with Joe Rogan, UFC 247, and not being able to be in the room when his baby is born

UFC 247’s Andre Ewell is coming off of quite the event. The bantamweight broke his arm in the middle of his fight against Jonathan Martinez and the fight ended in controversy with the judging ending up as a hot topic.

Ewell weighs in on the judging himself, noting that what he did with one arm was more than enough to earn himself the win. With two arms? The fight doesn’t go the distance.

He also discusses when he could potentially be back inside the cage with injuries and even the Coronavirus adding a lot of uncertainty on a potential return. Either way he plans on getting his cast removed within the coming months.

Andre Ewell talks about the Coronavirus stopping him from being the delivery room when his baby is born, potential beef with Joe Rogan, and much more.

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Lucas Grandsire