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Anthony Birchak feels he can “Pick Tony Gravely apart”

Anthony Birchak steps back into the cage on April 17th after a cancelled bout with original opponent Johnny Eduardo. Birchak actually declined a few options, due to training for the specific fighting style of Eduardo, but when offered Tony Gravely he felt confident in taking the fight without a full camp.

“He [Johnny Eduardo] ended up  not getting his Visa,” Birchak shared. “In a day and age when COVID is cancelling everything, we were slapped in the face and reminded Visa issues are still a thing. They gave me a couple different matchups, one of them was Montel Jackson,” Birchak continued. “I said, ‘I will fight that guy, but I need a camp.’ They offered me Kevin Croom, I was like ‘no.'”

Tony Gravely, a former CES MMA champion, and DWCS alumni, also secured his first victory in the coveted octagon. Gravely lost his debut to Brett Johns, and won via split decision most recently against Geraldo de Freitas. When asked why Gravely was the matchup that intrigued him, 34 year old Birchak didn’t shy away.

“Tony versus Johnny Eduardo, both stylistically great for me,” Birchak told MyMMANews. “I’ll be able to pick him apart, exploit some of the things that I’ve seen. He’s got a great record, 20-6 is amazing, out of those 6 losses, 5 are submission losses,” Birchak continued. “Me being a 10th planet black belt, and a division 1 wrestler myself, that matchup is just stylistically perfect.”

Birchak is 34 years old, and has seen the UFC glory before last decade. Now 0-1 in his latest stint in the UFC, the 10th planet fighter feels this could be a must win for his career.

“Every fight in the UFC is a must win,” Birchak stated. “Yes this fight is me, back against the wall, fighting for a contract again.”

Watch the full interview above as Birchak also speaks on hiding his gym being open during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.


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