Anthony Romero

Anthony Romero returns for LFA 96: ‘I worry about what I can control, so I train and win fights’

Dana White Contender Series (DWCS) alum, Anthony Romero, is set to make an anticipated return to the cage since being snubbed by the UFC brass. Romero was victorious in his DWCS battle, riding to a decision, although picked by many in the media as the most ready talent on the season, the undefeated Romero was left off White’s mind. Now set to return, and make his LFA debut, Romero feels the pressure, but isn’t letting it dictate him.

“It’s a good feeling to be competing next week,” Romero told MyMMAnews. “I know there will be a big audience on my fight, there is probably pressure but I won’t feel it. I felt pressure from last fight, so pressure won’t be an issue. I had a great performance, on the contender series, so I can deal with pressure and showcasing my skills on the top level.”

Many had wondered what would be next for the young Canadian prospect, if Scott Coker of Bellator would add Romero to there spree of signing young talent. Ultimately, Romero chose LFA, a feeding ground for the UFC.

“It’s a pipeline to the UFC,” Romero began. “Lot of champions today have competed and gone through LFA then to the UFC. Also LFA prepares you for the UFC, I talked to some other promotions but the most interest for me was LFA or CFFC,” Romero continued. “They [LFA] have done a great job so I’m excited to compete for this promotion.”

Although not exactly the plan Romero had hoped for, the 23-year-old was originally set to face off with Alex Trinidad but Trinidad was forced off due to injury, Romero is now set to face Zach Juusola, a member of Xtreme Couture, who last competed in Bare Knuckle boxing (BKFC).

“The plan was always still to fight, still cutting the weight just needed someone to go in the cage with,” Romero stated. “I control what I can, I can’t worry about things I can’t fix. Everything will fall into place, I’ve been training, I train to be the best version of me it doesn’t matter who is on the other side. I attempt to get better and better.”

While a winner of all eight of his professional fights, Anthony Romero had hoped he’d be signed to the UFC at this current point in his career. Still young, and as confident as ever, we asked if Romero would ever sign on to the Contender Series again in the future, possibly next season? We have seen fighters compete up to 3 times on the show over the years, some multiple times per season.

“If they [UFC] wanted me, they didn’t invite me to that next part of the season,” Romero laughed. “If they wanted me they would have invited me so I’m not sure it’ll happen. There were 2 guys who competed twice, both got decisions and both got signed,” Romero continued. “It’s just weird, it’s hard to see what you actually need to do to get signed on the show, my job is just to worry about what I control so I’ll train hard and win fights.”

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