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Bare Knuckle Boxing BKB signs deal with Amazon Prime

Bare Knuckle Boxing- BKB signs deal with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime seems to be going all in on combat sports. Announced by the promotion today, England’s Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) has signed a deal with Amazon Prime and will feature their events live on the growing platform.

As seen in the announcement, Bare Knuckle Boxing will have their BKB31 serve as their debut on Amazon Prime. They currently have BKB30 scheduled for January 21 in Thailand. Fans of Bare Knuckle Boxing will also have the luxury of having the back catalogue of the promotions fights uploaded for free starting in February 2023.

The signing for Bare Knuckle Boxing breaks them into a huge demographic for combat sports. Amazon Prime is a platform with major live ambitions and sports is a big part of those goals. The addition of Bare Knuckle Boxing will bolster that live sporting option but also make the promotions events more accessible to a wider audience simply on discovery alone.

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Amazon Prime, Bare Knuckle Boxing, and Combat Sports

With Bare Knuckle Boxing joining Amazon Prime, it’s clear that the platform isn’t scared to get their hands a little bloody. ONE Championship made a huge deal with Prime earlier in the year and has started with much success streaming on the platform. But ONE’s MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and grappling are one thing. Adding Bare Knuckle Boxing to the mix brings up the violence level a notch.

But this isn’t as ambitious as Amazon Prime has been and they’re not scared of a little bloodshed. Before Myanmar went into a full blow civil war, World Lethwei Championship signed a deal with Prime to have their events shown on the platform. That was set to be shown in the UK but unfortunately that never came to fruition.

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