Bas Rutten to enter UFC Hall of Fame in July

Bas Rutten on Triad Combat rules and Triller pageantry

Bas Rutten helms commentary duties as team MMA and team Boxing do battle. This transpires at the hybrid rules Triad Combat event which features a myriad of punching opportunities and active clinch positions.

Triad Combat goes down on Saturday, November 27th from Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The Triller Fight Club event also broadcasts live on pay-per-view.

I spoke with Rutten at the virtual media day ahead of Triad Combat. Excerpts from our interaction is below.

Bas Rutten

Karate Combat and Triad Combat affiliations as well as the fluidity with the rulesets creating fun for martial artists

“That’s the thing, it’s a new spark. You look at Frank Mir, this was unfortunate in his last fight. But there’s a new spark now. There’s something new and that will give him a lot of energy. Light a fire under his butt and start training really hard. I had that actually as well, but not because of losses. I had it with Pancrase, it became too normal for me. Once something becomes too normal, that’s not a good thing. There needs to be a little bit of nerves in you. Because it keeps you on your toes. So that’s when I made the change to the UFC because that was new for me. It would give me the feeling. That extra light under my butt.”

Bas Rutten continued, “So I think that’s the same with these guys here. Some of these guys are a little bit older guys. But they really want to grab on to this opportunity and just come out swinging. Well that’s actually the thing, they’re not gonna come out swinging if you listen to all their interviews. These guys are saying yeah, I’m known for a swinger but this time I’m going to use precision, I’m going to use footwork. So everybody changes their gameplan. I was just going to see and find out if they actually can apply that game plan to that crazy ring. Because that’s everything. Space and distance is everything in fighting.”

Triad Combat

Past commentary work for Pride and Triller’s version of pageantry for combat sports shows

“I love it because many times they put you in a box as a commentator. Certain things that you cannot do. I’m not gonna do profanity. I stopped doing that a long time. But when I start singing or when I start doing things, people go like, I don’t plan these things. I just do it. And once people say okay, just go and do whatever you want to do. I enjoy that because that’s what I do at home. That’s what I do with my friends. That’s what I do everywhere. So it gives you freedom and that’s going to make it more, hopefully, appealing for the people at home.”

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