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Bellator 258’s Rumble Johnson on unique style and Bellator belts

Bellator 258 takes place on Friday, May 7th. The event emanates from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, and broadcasts on Showtime. A virtual media session was held earlier on by Bellator MMA today and I was able to speak with several fighters. I talked with Bellator 258’s Rumble Johnson ahead of his light heavyweight Grand Prix quarterfinal bout.

Bellator 258’s Rumble Johnson

I’m just kind of curious like I mean you’re talking about not overlooking your opponent here. But just in terms of which you weigh more than the other in terms of the lineal belt versus the tournament title itself.

I’ve spoken to certain fighters who have captured both and it seems like they show love to the Grand Prix hardware a little bit. Is there a certain title you’re eyeballing more out of those two?

“Oh, I thought the belt was just a belt. I really wasn’t thinking if it’s a tournament belt and then you know a regular championship belt. To me, a belt is a belt and I’m going to do my best to get it whenever the time is right.”

Bellator MMA

Yeah, and Henri Hooft has been discussed in the scrum here. He was talking about how your style just goes on forever.

Can you kind of talk about the longevity that your style provides and everything like that?

“Man, I just do me. I just do me. You can’t really name my style. Besides beating people up. Knocking people out. Most styles you have a name for it. I just punch and kick and if you’re in the way and get hit and you get knocked out, that’s on you. So I don’t really have a style. I just do me. I do what Henri (Hooft) teaches me. I’m not saying I’m technical. I’m not saying I’m doing it textbook, the way he teaches me.”

“But I use what he’s taught me and I just mix it up my way and let it be what it is. But my style is all out. A lot of fighters talk about they leave it in a cage. But I don’t think anybody can say they go 100% like I do. I was talking to my guy earlier and people talk about how my cardio is this and that.”

“But I’m like ‘dude I when I swing it’s 110% when I throw a punch or a kick it’s 110%’. Everybody else is pacing themselves. I ain’t got time for that. You know what I’m saying? I’m trying to give the fans what they want. And plus who wants to fight for five minutes, man? Who wants to fight for five or 25 minutes? I’m trying to get in and get out.”

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