Bill Algeo - Photo by Courtney Ay

Bill Algeo - Photo by Courtney Ay

Bill Algeo waking up everyday doing what he loves, set for matchup at ROC 61

Bob Meloni and Bill Algeo
Bob Meloni and Bill Algeo

I was lucky enough that when I was getting media and MMA production experience conducting post-fight interviews in the cage about 14 years ago for XFE, Bill Algeo was just getting his fight career started as well.  Bill was mainly a jiu-jitsu fighter as an amateur, but you could see his over-all skill level as he became one of the blue-chip prospects in the sport as he continued to grow his game.  He later finished his amateur career undefeated.

Algeo’s record as a professional now stands at 8-3. He has faced nothing but the top competition in the area.  Two of his losses have come at the hands of current UFC fighters. He was submitted by the still undefeated, Hurricane Shane Burgos in 2014.  He went the distance with Jared Gordon and came away on the wrong end of the judge’s scorecards back in February of this year.  Gordon’s win over Algeo earned him that contract in the big show.

“Jared Gordon is doing well for himself in the UFC right now, but I’d like to get that one back at some point in the future. It’s on my mind every single day. While that may be on my mind, it’s just added fuel and motivation to the fire for whoever I was going to fight next. It didn’t matter who signed on the dotted line. I’m 100% focused on this fight. I know my opponent has a lot of heart but I have no fear of anywhere this fight goes.”

Tim “the Jaguar ” Dooling (7-3) is that man who did sign on the dotted line. The Jaguar fights out of Dante’ Rivera BJJ and is an impressive 6-1 in his last 7 fights.  His only loss was to UFC Contender winner, Julio Arce.

Ring of Combat 61Dooling took him the distance after taking the fight on short notice.  Tim is a full blown scrapper and brings a huge heart and chin as well as a nice skill set into this bout. Rivera is one of the most experienced and savvy coaches in the sport and is surely drawing up a game-plan that Algeo will attack this Friday night at Louis Neglia’s Ring of Combat 61.

Algeo is a fixture at kick-boxing, muay-thai, BJJ and MMA events all over the eastern seaboard as he continues to add to his team and prepare them in all of the skills necessary to become successful.  Algeo Kickboxing and MMA is his career.

Waking up everyday doing what he loves is a great motivator for him. It allows him to give back to people and bring him joy in their success, not just his.

Algeo Kickboxing and MMA is mainly a striking facility, but if you ever want a good roll, Bill is always down. You will easily see why he has earned his black-belt in BJJ.  Bill’s worked on his craft at all levels and looks to take the next step on Friday.  Listen in below the my interview with Algeo.

He’s well spoken, well-schooled, and a very good dude.  I will be cage-side watching him in action vs Dooling and will have live updates, photos, and a full recap from ROC 61.

Photos contributed by Courtney Ay


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