Tim Sylvester

Tim Sylvester surrounded by quality team as he preps for battle at ROC 61

On the regional MMA scene in Philadelphia and South Jersey, Tim Sylvester is a highly regarded and sought after BJJ instructor.  He has been training for years and has earned his black belt through Regis Lebre under the world renowned Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Tim has become a very cerebral and methodical competitor and person from his life experiences. He’s a fire-fighter as well as a student of Jiu-jitsu.Tim Sylvester and Regis Lebre

“I was unaware of how respected I was or was not in the jiu-jitsu community because it was a long time since I competed. But if I ever give off the impression that I’m calm, it’s probably because I’m just constantly thinking of stuff. And I’m not too social whenever I’m thinking about jiu-jitsu which is fairly often, so I guess I give off that different vibe.”

Sylvester will look to take that vibe to the cage when he fights at Louis Neglia’s Ring of Combat 61 this Friday, November 17.  He will test himself against Dante’ Rivera prospect, Sambet Naimanbayev (1-2) inside the Tropicana Showroom and try to get his second career victory to even his record at 2-2.

Tim has been working with Will Martinez to help prepare him for his battle.  Martinez is the owner/operator of Martinez BJJ , located in Northeast Philadelphia, and is an accomplished grappler as well as a Bellator veteran with a very impressive 12-3 career record in the cage. Martinez has a tremendous fight team and has the facilities and experience that is sought after by many top fighters in the area.  He will be in Tim’s corner for this fight along with Brian Rago who is the lead instructor at Tim’s main home of Gracie Humaita Philadelphia.

Chris Wing has been Sylvester’s go-to guy for his strength and conditioning for his camp.  Wing is another gentleman who has become a huge influence and leader in the area for expert weight cuts while maintaining strength. Chris is the mastermind at Redline Athletic Center in Bensalem, PA.  Wing also works with Will Martrinez and as a former fighter himself, has a very good grasp on nutrition.

Sylvester has put himself in a good position with a successful and experienced team.  I grabbed a few minutes with him to talk about how he got his start in Jiu-jitsu, his current team, and his fight at ROC this week.  Please give a listen below.  MyMMANews will be cage-side for up to the minute results, photos, and a full recap on the night’s action.



Tim Sylvester

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