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BKB Lockdown Results And Video Review

MyMMANews.com and ‘Toe The Line BKB’ come together today to bring you an all-encompassing look at ‘BKB Lockdown’, click the video above!

Event Results:

Conan Barbaru Def. Bachir Fakhouri via first round KO

Craig Morgan Def. Jay Eggleston via first round TKO

Ashley Gibson Def. Darren Godfrey Jr. via second round TKO
Paul Hilz Def. Aaron Foster via first round TKO
Reece Murray Def. Marty Kayes via Unanimous Decision
Nathan Leeson Def. Matty Piper via first round TKO
Ryan Barrett Def. Matthew Hodgson via first round TKO
Scott McHugh Def. Will Cairns via Unanimous Decision
Charlie Milner Def. Eric Olsen via Unanimous Decision
Co-Main Event: Daniel Podmore Def. Rob Cunningham via Fourth round TKO (Podmore wins vacant British heavyweight champion)
Main Event: Sean George Def. Smudger Smith via Unanimous Decision (George wins vacant British Bantamweight champion)

‘Toe The Line’ BKB Lockdown Fight Of The Night:

George Glinski- Sean George vs Smudger Smith
Paolo Lucci- Sean George vs Smudger Smith

‘Toe The Line’ BKB Lockdown Performance Of The Night:

George Glinski- Daniel Podmore

Paolo Lucci- Daniel Podmore


‘Toe The Line’ BKB Lockdown Knockout Of The Night:

George Glinski- Conan Barbaru Def. Bachir Fakhouri

Paolo Lucci- Ashley Gibson Def. Darren Godfrey Jr.

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