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Britain Hart: Bad Blood “20 Times Worse” With Jenny Savage

Britain Hart defends her strawweight crown against Jenny Savage in a rematch at BKFC 39 on March 24th.

Hart once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss this historic title defense in her home state, how the bad blood has gotten even more intense with Savage before this sequel, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Being a military brat who lived in multiple countries in the context of why Virginia eventually resonated as home to Hart

“Well, it’s funny that you say that because yeah as a kid I always used to complain about it. We changed schools and new schools all the time. I was the new kid, I moved around a lot of different places. I lived in Turkey and Germany, North Carolina, and Utah before I even made it to Virginia. So it’s kind of funny now when you look at the psychology piece like oh you know, what happens to you as a child kind of shapes who you are as an adult. Now I can really see that and like sit back huh, no wonder why I move around a lot.”

Britain Hart

“It’s just who I am in my blood, how I was raised. I look at it and I’m very thankful for that. Because I feel like I can adapt and fit in anywhere and love it. Yeah for Virginia, so I graduated from high school. I definitely, again, didn’t like it. I always complained about it. Was like, man, I don’t want to be here. I’m meant for something bigger such as like Miami or Los Angeles. You always look at those, especially when you grow up in Europe, you look at those places as the high life. But I graduated from high school and then I had my children super young.”

“So I think honestly, wholeheartedly, deep down, the reason why Virginia is really truly home for me is this is where I had the two most beautiful, most important people in my whole entire life, my son Peyton and my daughter Paris. They were born here in Lynchburg, Virginia. So that’s what makes me come back because those memories.”

Britain Hart vs Jenny Savage II

Hart continued, “Giving birth, having them as a baby, and having them be my whole world. I always come back and look for those memories. It’s kind of sad in some aspects but you know, it’s beautiful as well. I know that they’re super proud of me and love me. I’m super proud of them.”

How things have intensified even more with Jenny Savage after their vitriol infused first fight

“Oh it’s absolutely worse. It’s like twenty times worse. The first fight was the bad blood because she got in the ring with me, with the Paige VanZant moment. That was a big crazy hooplah but she didn’t need to do that. It was just dumb. So that’s the reason why that fight was made. After the fight, I’m thinking this is what happens and this is why combat sports can be beautiful. You’ve got two people that hated each other, they go dish it out in the ring, and then now they have respect for each other. The beef is squashed but apparently it wasn’t.”


“I remember trying to be very nice to her afterwards. She was nice to me and she was nice to my friends and my family. Telling them oh you raised an amazing girl. She’s awesome, oh my opponent is pretty cool, and things like that. We sent a couple private messages to eachother that are nice and on the positive side. Then all of a sudden, someone would send me a screenshot of some stupid thing that she said. She’d be commenting on my hair being gross and nasty, not braided right, just personal attacks like that.”

“Making excuses why she lost the fight, bringing up a bunch of rumors and gossip. She blocked me so I can’t respond and say anything back. So I’m just like you know what, I’m just going to ignore this crazy girl. It doesn’t even make any sense anyways. Because I clearly have the video footage of me not even beating her but like dogging her. Man, I really gave it to her. So I just don’t get where you can really get your ass whooped that bad and still talk shit about somebody. She was just goading me all the time but like I said, I couldn’t say anything because I was blocked.”


“But everybody else who’s mutual friends have screenshotted. So it’s just been in my mind for the past year. I just ignore it because I have bigger fish to fry. But then it was like when I got the belt in Montana in September, that’s when it started to be a little bit over the line, in my opinion. She was making all these posts that I don’t deserve the belt. The BKFC is playing favourites. That I’ve never fought at 115. When it’s like man, I’ve sacrificed. I’m going on my tenth fight, this is her fifth fight. So I now have double the amount of fights that you have, little girl.”

“I’ve literally bled and sacrificed. Lost my tooth, broke my hand, broke my nose, I have cuts on my face, like I sacrificed my body for the sport. How dare you say I don’t deserve the belt but whatever, move on. We’re never going to have this rematch right? I’m thinking in my head (and) that’s why I never gave her the time of day. It was just that easy to ignore because this rematch is never gonna happen unless Jenny Savage does something spectacular. I guess her knocking out this cardboard box was spectacular. But to me, the girl just wasn’t ready.”

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

“She walked in, she was super stiff, she sat down. It wasn’t like again, she busted the girl open or knocked the girl out cold. The girl just didn’t want anymore, anymore. She got up and she just didn’t want to fight anymore. Maybe it was her first bare knuckle fight, she wasn’t ready, I don’t know.”

Hart continued, “But to me, it wasn’t spectacular. If you look up that girl, she’s only been boxing for four or five months like she has no experience whatsoever. I don’t mean to like be mean to that opponent because I mean, we respect everyone that gets in the ring. But these are just facts. It’s not a spectacular win.”

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