Reggie Barnett Jr

Reggie Barnett Jr: “Kind of Feel Bad” for BKFC 39 Foe

Reggie Barnett Jr defends his BKFC bantamweight world championship against Frank Alvarez in the main event of BKFC 39 on March 24th.

Barnett Jr appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to touch on readying for his historic title defense after getting upgraded to lineal champion, wanting to become the promotion’s first flyweight champion someday, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Reggie Barnett Jr

Barnett Jr’s feelings readying for the historic first lineal title defense in his home state

“I get to fight in my own backyard. I get it. I’ve worked so hard… To go out there and just be able to perform in front of all the people who watched me through my ups and downs, my highs and lows. My struggles through adversity and that in life, have fun and do what I love to do. I’m excited, there’s no pressure. It’s just a fistfight. I’ve been in plenty of those. Now I have the energy of a lifetime behind me. I kind of feel bad for him (the opponent).”

The fact that no prior champion has successfully defended the BKFC bantamweight belt

“Nobody has defended the title and I will. I’m going to defend the title and then I’m going to go take another. That’s the game plan. I’m going to solidify my legacy and add a little bridge off to the left or right of it.”


The response to John Dodson’s claims of ducking an inaugural 125 lb title bout at KnuckleMania 3

“I’ve never been offered a fight with him at KnuckleMania. It just wasn’t possible because when I walked out of the ring after the Geane Herrera fight, I looked at the assistant deputy director of the Virginia commission and I looked at Dave Feldman Jr. I said did I earn my fight at home? They both smiled and said yes, March 24th. So I had knew the moment that I got out of the ring with Geane Herrera that my next fight was gonna be at home. So how do you say that I turned down a fight with you at KnuckleMania?”

“Which was where your home, Albuquerque New Mexico, when I already knew months before your fight was even scheduled that I knew I was fighting at home? That just shows the false nature of his statement and that he’s just lying to try to goad me.”

“Which is fine. If that’s the game you feel like you need to play. If you’ve got to chase my clout to make you feel better about your two little wins, that’s cool. But we’re on different wavelengths and we’re not on the same level. My level is way higher. I don’t care whether he’s fought in the UFC or not. This is the BKFC and I’m top dog.”

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