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Cain Velasquez denied bail a third time remains behind bars

Cain Velasquez granted bail at $1 million, still has trial ahead of him

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez will finally go home after spending eight months in jail.

Today, a Santa Clara County, California judge granted the former mixed martial artist and professional wrestler bail at $1million.

“This incident is extremely serious but appears to be isolated behavior by Mr. Velasquez,” Judge Arthur Bocanegra said. “There is also a viable heat of passion defense.”

A pre-trial hearing that began on Monday concluded today with terms set for Velasquez’s release.

Conditions include $1 million bail, GPS monitoring and compliance to an extended set of terms – no weapons, TBI/CTE outpatient treatment, counseling, search and seizure conditions, and a protective order to stay a minimum of 300 yards from alleged victims Harry Goularte, Patricia Goularte, and Paul Bender.

“Mr. Velasquez, I would not release you if I was not convinced that finally a release at this time, eight months later, that you would be a danger to Harry Goularte, primarily, Patricia Goularte or Paul Bender or the public,” Judge Bocanegra said.

“But if you are as devoted as a husband and father, I have to believe and I’m confident he will not jeopardize anything that would take away from your son, your daughter or your family. I hope you don’t prove me wrong.”

Velasquez, 40, has been jailed since February facing charges, including attempted murder, for allegedly shooting at a car carrying Goularte, a man accused of molesting Velasquez’s 4-year-old son and striking Goularte’s stepfather in the arm with a bullet.

His defense attorney, Mark Geragos, had previously requested bail three times but was shut down on each attempt. A writ petition submitted to a California appellate court also was denied.

Velasquez faces a total of 10 counts in his case, including premeditated attempted murder, which comes with a potential penalty of up to life in prison if convicted.

The former champion’s next court hearing scheduled on November 21 at 9 a.m. PT.

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