“Captain Lithuania” Laurynas Urbonavicius Impresses at Ares FC 1

Laurynas Urbonavicius
Photo by Ares Fighting Championship

Known to many in the MMA world as “Captain Lithuania,” Laurynas Urbonavicius recently headlined the the debut card of Ares Fighting Championship, Ares FC 1, on Saturday December 14, 2019 in Dakar, Senegal. Riding an impressive win streak, both Urbonavicius and Ares could be headed toward big things in 2020.

Captain Lithuania

Since 2016 Urbonavicius has been a professional fighter. Urbonavicius has amassed a record of 13-1 since turning pro. Since his lone loss against Vladimir Flipovic at Magnum FC 1 in March 2017, Urbonavicius has been on a seven fight winning streak. Eight of his 13 victories have come by way of KO/TKO  which always makes for a fan-friendly fight. The powerful Lithuanian sports a dangerous, brutal ground and pound game which is relentless when he senses the end for his prey. According to Urbonavicius, he told MyMMANews he would like to compete three times in 2020 so there is more to come of Captain Lithuania.

Headlining Ares FC 1

The main event of a debuting organization’s fight card is crucial. The first show will make or break you in the world of MMA.  With that in mind, the organizers at Ares Fighting Championship called on no other than Captain Lithuania as their headliner. “It was a huge experience with with came a huge responsibility,” Urbonavicius stated. “I was very excited to do it.” One fighter alone can not carry the main event of a debuting organization. A tough challenger is needed and one indeed was brought it to battle Captain Lithuania. Brazilian UFC veteran Idemar Alcantara, a professional of almost 40 bouts and 15 years experience, was brought in for a must see main event on the European/African scene.

“The gameplan was to hit and not get hit; take him down and not be taken down,” Urbonavicius told MyMMANews. “Of course we knew his strong points and avoided them. Some things were adapted during the fight.”

Being able to stick to the gameplan earned Urbonavicius the unanimous decision win in an exciting main event over a tough opponent.

If you missed the event, it can be seen on UFC Fight Pass.

So who is next for Urbonavicius in 2020?

What light heavyweight would provide a tough matchup for Captain Lithuania?




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