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Change of Heart:  Anderson Silva upset with Machida & Jacare ? MMA News 

Change of Heart: Anderson Silva upset with Machida & Jacare ?

Change of Heart:  Anderson Silva upset with Machida & Jacare ?

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva may have finally found the loop hole that potentially sees him paired up for a fight with one of his fellow countrymen and friends.  Silva who has always stated he would not want to fight Brazilians Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza or Lyoto Machida has finally been irritated by their response or lack thereof when the question of a potential fight is brought up.

“Jacare is my friend, Lyoto is my friend. But all the time, [those] guys don’t talk the same as me,” Silva said on a Thursday conference call. “When I go to talk to people for media, I say, ‘I no go fight Lyoto because he’s my friend, I no go fight Jacare because he’s my friend.’ But when those guys go and talk to the media, Lyoto says, ‘I go fight Anderson because I go fight.’ Jacare says, ‘I go fight because I go fight, because I’m a fighter.’ But my opinion, I don’t like the positions that Lyoto and Jacare (are taking), because I don’t go fight these guys. Because I’m training with Lyoto for a long time, sometimes I train with Jacare.

“When I go train with guys, I go to help you. … I put 50-percent of my energy into helping the guys. When the guys talk like this, I’m very, very, very disappointed.”

Silva’s comments were likely prompted by a recent interview Machida conducted with Brazilian outlet Tatame, in which Machida said he would “of course” accept a fight against Silva if the UFC specifically requested it.

Machida and Souza may now feel that with their friend not currently holding the title, proving that he truly is human, that they can potentially beat the long-time champion.

Machida went on to add that he doesn’t like to entertain the idea because he doubts the fight would actually happen, but nonetheless Silva remains irked by his response.

“I think I need to talk (about) this with the guys, because I talk all the time for the media,” Silva said. “When you guys give me this question, I talk the same. Lyoto is my friend, Jacare trained together with me. And I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys. I don’t like it. This is my opinion. I understand this is a sport, the guys stay in the UFC for fights, but I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys.”

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