Chuck Norris played part in naming UFC book, “Is This Legal?”

draftArt Davie, one of the founding father’s of the UFC, recently released a book he co-authored with Sean Wheelock, called “Is This Legal? The Inside Story of the First UFC from the Man Who Created It”

In speaking to Davie recently at the MMA Classic Fan Expo in Syracuse, New York, Davie said that it was actually legendary martial artist Chuck Norris who inspired the name of the book.

On November 12, 1993, an entirely new sport was unleashed on an unsuspecting viewing public–one that was unlike any other, and one that would come to redefine combat and action sports for a new generation. The sport was mixed martial arts (MMA)–although it hadn’t been named that yet–and the event was the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The creation of ad man and serial entrepreneur Art Davie, the UFC entered nearly 90,000 households through pay per view television with an explosion…an explosion of blood–as Dutch karate champion Gerard Gordeau kicked fallen Sumo wrestler Teila Tuli right in the face during the first minute of the opening fight. This shocking scene was only a prelude of what was to come that autumn night in Denver, and worldwide over the next 20 years. Now, for the first time, the true story of how the UFC and the sport of MMA came into existence will be told by the man who started it all.

You can purchase Davie’s book at the link below.

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