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Colby Covington has no regrets over Matt Hughes train comments

After Colby Covington beat Robbie Lawler by dominant decision, in his post-fight Octagon interview he made a controversial comment towards Matt Hughes. Of course, Hughes and Lawler are good friends so he took a dig at him.

“Let’s talk about the lesson we learned tonight that Robbie should have learned from his good buddy Matt Hughes,” Covington said. “You stay off the tracks when the train is coming through, junior. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Trump train or the Colby train, stay out the way.”

Hughes was struck by a train in 2017 and suffered severe injuries. He struggled to walk and talk for months on end, and still to this day continues to struggle. Many thought Colby Covington had crossed the line with the comments but the former interim welterweight champion doesn’t agree with that.

“Not at all,” Covington said. “Did I say something that was offensive? The guy’s done some pretty crappy stuff, he’s got lawsuits against his family, against his brother, I just said the truth, I’m honest. I’m a little bit brutally honest sometimes and people can’t handle it.

“If people were worried about words but we go in the Octagon to kill each other, don’t be so sensitive, snowflakes.”

Whether or not he did is up for debate, but Matt Hughes at least responded and said you have to have thick skin.

“Not sure if Colby Covington should have used my accident as fuel for his post-fight trash talk, but that was one heck of a fight,” Hughes wrote. “Nice win for American Top Team, and Robbie Lawler always puts on a good fight. Reminder though, this is the fighting world. People trash talk and you gotta have thick skin.”

Regardless that Hughes responded and that Colby Covington has no regrets, many still think that was too far given how serious the injury was.

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