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Connor Tierney

Connor Tierney Expects “Quite a Tactical Fight” vs Jake Lindsey

Connor Tierney tests skills with Jake Lindsey in the headline attraction of BKFC 37 on March 4th.

Tierney appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to touch on this being a welterweight title eliminator, the nuances of this upcoming contest, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Connor Tierney

Tierney’s thoughts on this being a title eliminator bout and what the welterweight title picture going forward may look like

“Yeah, man. I’m kind of expecting Luis (Palomino) to vacate. I know that he’s out of contract. As much as I was chasing him, and I think the fight with me and Luis is much more of a 165-pound top class contention fight than Gogo (Gorjan Slaveski) and Palomino. I think that Luis has done a bit in the sport now and he just wants the paydays don’t he? So, I don’t think he’ll be defending that belt. He wants ex-UFC names, doesn’t he, to boost his profile…I think he’ll vacate and it’s going to be the winner of me and Lindsey against Gogo.”

Feelings on Jake Lindsey’s BKFC run so far, and the stylistic attributes Tierney sees in ‘Gypsy’ Jake

“Yeah, I mean, from what I’ve seen on the last fight, I think he was getting beat up a bit by Brandon Girtz. Don’t think he really knew how to deal with the style and then obviously Brandon got stopped on the cut. So, all three of his fights have come by knockout but they haven’t come by knockout. They’ve come by retirement. I mean Brandon was stopped on a cut. I think Derrick (Findley) retired in the corner. Was it Eric (Thompson) either stopped or retired in the corner? I’m not sure.”


“So I mean it’s the level of the opposition again isn’t it? Derrick didn’t really do much. Derrick’s a very small fighter; just sort of circled the ring. You know, didn’t really have many answers for Jake. I like Eric but technically, he’s not great when he’s not winning. The test he had against Brandon, I felt like Brandon sort of put a lot of pressure on him and backed him up a lot. But then obviously got stopped on the cut. But from what I’ve seen of him I do think he’s a clever fighter. He’s very similar to myself.”

“He stands upright and for me, my toughest test. Because I’d rate him as technically a better fighter than Joe (Elmore) and Jeremiah (Riggs). Because of the way he boxes like he thinks about his shots. He doesn’t sort of rush in and throw for the sake of it. Thinks almost like me. So, I think it’s going to be quite a tactical fight to be honest.”

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