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Dan Chapman Has His Say On Sean George Super Fight! | BKB Lockdown 2

Full Dan Chapman interview above.

After two years out of the ring, the long awaited return of BKB‘s brightest prospect Dan Chapman is finally upon us, and the Welshman couldn’t be more excited about it if he tried.

“I’m obsessed, I love the sport. It’s crazy because as people go on in their boxing career they start to lose the love of it, but I just found a new love for the sport of boxing. I love teaching, I love passing that knowledge on. When your obsessed with something and you love it, it doesn’t seem like a chore anymore. It’s what I do best, I just love doing it.”

His opponent, Sean George has long be hailed as one of the greatest bare-knuckle fighters to have ever lived, and approaches his twentieth fight while Chapman has but two previous outings. On paper at least it seems Chapman would be the most logical choice for an underdog, however, this is without taking into consideration the amateur boxing resume of a man once destined for stardom in the gloved alternative. Under coach John Radmore, Dan would win ten Welsh titles, three British titles and a junior Commonwealth Games gold medal.

Ahead of the 2012 Olympics, Dan was touted as one the top prospects to go on and represent Great Britain in London that year, but all hopes would come crashing down after a life-altering motorcycle accident just one week out from the world championships.

“I broke my femur, I broke my wrist, I had so many injuries it totally stopped my career. The doctor said I’d never box again, he told me to play darts.”

“After that accident it was seven years of rehab, George. It was awful, it left me mentally distraught, I just didn’t think I’d box again.”

Seven years later, however, Chapman would box again, although this time it was without the gloves, for British bare-knuckle boxing company, BKB.

“I remember going up there and the first fight was Josh Burns and I was watching him fight and I was like, s**t what am I even doing here, this is f***ing nuts.”

“Jim (Jim Freeman – BKB promoter) matched me up with a guy called Martin Thorne, he’s a lovely guy, we both weighed the same weight, it was 65 kilos which was great, and I just knocked him out in a round on a jab. After that fight I just had the love for BKB, it was brilliant.”

Dan Chapman would go on to fight once more, defeating James Connelly in the quarter-finals of the inaugural BKB prizefighter tournament. During the fight Dan would pick up a shoulder injury which halted his progression in the competition and ultimately the sport, bringing us up to date. After a two year hiatus, Chapman returns to challenge for the vacant world flyweight title against the aforementioned Sean George and his confidence is brimming.

“I just can’t wait to get in there and do the business. Sean has achieved so much in BKB, he’s going to be in the hall of fame for BKB, he’s had so much experience in it. Over the years he’s been very lucky to get that experience because he’ll tell you himself his boxing standard isn’t great. He has Vincent Cleverly in his corner managing him to get that boxing quality better and it has, it’s payed off fantastically over the years, he’s got better and better, but if you noticed, since that tournament with me, Franco, James Connelly, the likes of Smudger Smith coming in, the levels have changed… As he (Sean) has gone into the fights at the end of his career, the levels have gone up and he’s found it a lot harder.”

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