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Jon Jones gives unfiltered views on Daniel Cormier GOAT recognition from the UFC

Daniel Cormier believes Jon Jones deserves more money, but not Conor McGregor level

While they have a long history as bitter rivals during their tenures in the UFC’s light heavyweight division and respective championship runs, Daniel Cormier is actually in support of Jon Jones in his contract dispute with the UFC. Cormier who is now retired believes Jones deserves more money as he plans his move up to heavyweight and challenge champion Francis Ngannou for the title.

During the contract dispute with the UFC, Jones and his longtime management First Round Management mutually agreed to part ways, as he continues to battle to be the first title challenger for Francis Ngannou’s heavyweight title. During ‘DC & Helwani‘ this week, Cormier was asked about his thoughts on the ongoing dispute between Jones and the UFC, and the former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion defended his rival, as long as Jones truly wants the fight.

“Jon Jones deserves his money The dude has done tremendouss things in this sport. But is Jon Jones going to have a number so large that it’s unrealistic? That’s the question. Because I know that they’re [UFC] going to pay him. It’s almost like Jon Jones says ‘Show me the money,’ right? ‘We’re gonna show Jon Jones the money.’ So it’s gonna be ultimately if he wants to fight.” (h/t MMA Fighting)

At the same time that Daniel Cormier said he believes Jon Jones deserves his money, he also said that he doesn’t believe that Jones should be paid as much as the UFC’s biggest superstar, Conor McGregor. Comparing the two’s pay situations, Cormier believes Jones deserves more than what he has made in previous fights, but not near what “The Notorious” makes in his prizefights.

“I don’t know what Conor [McGregor] makes, but I heard Conor makes, like, $15 million or something just to show up. And then he gets all the pay-per-view, right? If Conor makes 15 [million] to show up, Jones shouldn’t make what Conor McGregor makes. If Conor McGregor makes something in that range, Jones shouldn’t make what Conor McGregor makes. It should be a tier beneath that. Does Jon Jones make what Khabib makes? if Khabib makes eight-to10? Yes. But I don’t believe he should make what Conor McGregor makes.”

Cormier would go on to say that he believes the fight could be made if Jones is paid $10 million which would be double the amount Jones has said he makes in his fights.

“I believe with 100 percent certainty, they would give him $10 million to show up and fight Francis Ngannou. I believe that. I do believe that. Fiteen-to-twenty, like Conor, I don’t blieve that. But 10? I see it. And that’s him getting his money. Because he’s never made $10 million before to show. He said he makes five, right? So if he makes five, then you’re doubling what he makes to go and fight Francis.”

As the contract situation looms large over the next heavyweight title challenger, Jones has been busy calling out Francis Ngannou who has responded through social media, leaving it to be wondered if this fight is a dream, or if all parties can come to an eventual agreement.

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