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Devon Estes on Maverick 16 opponent Elise Reed: “I would ultimately love a knockout”

“I’m so excited!”

Devon Estes bursts as she describes the feeling of making her professional mixed martial arts debut. After nine years in the regional amateur circuit, Estes is set to put her illustrious amateur MMA career behind her and make the transition to the professional ranks. On March 28th, Estes is set to take on Bellator veteran, Elise Reed in Estes’ pro debut at Maverick 16 in Allentown, PA.

Estes has been looking for the proper time to make the jump into the professional level. After she “got 2 titles in 2 different promotions”, it was only a matter of time until she made the next step. Ultimately, she was waiting for the “ok” from her head coach/fiancé/retired MMA fighter – Steve McCabe. Once he gave the nod, it was all systems go and the search was on for a dance partner was on. Elise Reed was ultimately the hand dealt, and Estes couldn’t be happier.

Estes’ opponent, Elise Reed, made her professional debut under the Bellator banner in October of 2019 when she defeated Rebecca Bryggman via first round TKO. Reed will bring more in-cage experience to the bout, however, none of the hype, experience or words matter to Estes when it comes to her approach to fighting. “When Steve and I talk and we game plan, its to impose what I’m going to do! Get ready for the things that she’s going to do… But ultimately I have to work my game. I don’t care what she’s going to do”, she says.

Ahead of the bout, Reed spoke with MyMMANews predicting one of two will be stopped. To which Estes’ replies confidently replies, “Cool. I think so too. I’m hoping!” Continuing with, “one way or another, I’ll never give up in there, ever… Ever! I’ll go out on my shield. I don’t care. I will never tap to strikes. It’s not going to fucking happen. So, she’s going to have to knock me out or sub me to get me out of there.”

When asked how she see’s her professional debut transpiring, Estes eagerly says, “I think we just start throwing down. I would like it to be a little bit more of a calculated skill, striking match…Whatever. But I don’t see it going that way. I think it’s just going to be like a slugfest, to be honest.”

With a war set to commence on March 28th in Allentown, PA. Estes and her team from 302 BJJ are geared for battle. Estes making her professional debut, as well as her teammate, Eric Chase will be looking to stay undefeated in his bright young MMA career. 302 is ready to let bombs fly at Maverick 16!

Tune in above as MyMMANews visits 302 BJJ to discuss the pro debut of Devon Estes, the dynamic between her and head coach/fiancé, Steve McCabe. We also discuss the elite team of fighters from 302 BJJ, what this bout means to her, how she see’s the bout going and so much more!

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