DJ Linderman

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DJ Linderman on Tony Lopez bout “a perfect fight for me”

DJ Linderman tests skills with Tony Lopez in a heavyweight title fight at BYB 13: Tampa Brawl on November 19th.

Linderman appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and covered multiple topics during our chat. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

DJ Linderman

There being unfinished business with Tony Lopez based on a prior MMA fight years ago

“Oh yeah because that fight, it should have never ended the way it did. But you know, shit happens in this sport and every other sport. So there was definitely going to be a time for me and him to go again. When I called out Dada (5000), I was looking at him for an opponent, not Tony. But when they came at me with Tony for a title fight…When I fought Josh (Burns), I didn’t know Josh was ranked as high as he was in the bare-knuckle world.”

“But it always leads back to Tony. It’s a fight that I always wanted before when I fought him and it’s a fight I still want. Because I know he’s just like me. He has cardio, his stamina is there for sure, and he likes to just bang. Go out there and have a good time. He does it a lot and that’s a perfect fight for me.”

BYB 13

If capturing this BYB heavyweight title will be a capstone achievement in his combative career

“Yes, definitely. That was a big opener for me when I came in and they said a title fight in the BYB, you know. I feel like I can redeem myself from the first showing I had (in BKFC). When they told me about the title and they told me about the last fight I just had with Josh Burns, it was all motivation to come back from that first fight. It was all new to me. It just made it; as soon as they said a title fight, that’s a lot of recognition. It’s history, so it’s going to be great to be able to go out there and do something like that.”

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