Titan FC 60 Headlined By Cavalcante-Manfio Grappling Matchup, Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante

Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante expects to finish Raush Manfio at Titan FC 60

Before his main-event fight at Titan FC 60, Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante likes to get in some extra rounds of training. And who better to take some extra licks than Titan COO Lex McMahon? During our interview ahead of this loaded May 29 card, featured on UFC Fight Pass, McMahon threw me a curveball by bringing his main-event fighter onto our discussion.

The featured bout will be a newer look to MMA, but an old-school feeling. Cavalcante will welcome Raush Manfio to a competitive grappling match. The match will look similar to MMA fights with both stand-up and ground work, but a focus on jiu-jitsu with open striking. The biggest difference, a one-round match with a potential second, or sudden death round. Cavalcante elaborated on the format for his fight.

“It’s only one round, right, so you have to keep the pace,” he stated.

“You cannot take one round in, rest, and come back to the next round,” he continued.

With a pace like that, Cavalcante has been known to swarm his opponents with a pressure-fighting technique. And, as McMahon would later state, pressure creates diamonds. Combine the physical pressure Cavalcante pushes with this style of fight, cardio has to be a major priority in training.

“It’s not just the cardio but be[ing] comfortable in the scrum,” Cavalcante claimed.

“Because a lot of guys that come in, they are really prepared, but they don’t feel comfortable under the pressure. And I bring all kinds of pressure,” he exclaimed.

With a stacked six-fight card, the main event is expected to be hight energy. A fight that Cavalcante doesn’t just expect to win, but expects a finish in the fight.

“Gonna be a great fight, man,” Cavalcante assured.

“And you’re gonna see my finish. It’s the kind of style that I want to bring something new to the UFC fight pass. I want to beat one of the guys that the other guys can look up for and say, ‘Oh man that’s nice to know competitive grappling is becoming a thing,’ and all the other guys can follow the same steps,” he finished.

Titan FC 60 will be the featured card on UFC Fight Pass, Friday, May 29.


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