Grapplefest 6

Photo by Shawna Rodgers

Grapplefest 6 Results and Photos

Though it’s been just over a year since their first event, Grapplefest has swiftly found a home for themselves among the top submission only grappling showcases. With a rule set that encourages aggressive submission hunting, there’s no wonder Grapplefest has already secured some of the world’s most well-known competitors among their participants. The likes of Craig Jones, Lachlan Giles, Ffion Davies, and Gianni Grippo are just a few of Grapplefest’s notable past athletes.

Their 6th installment drew even more first-rate competitors from across the world to Liverpool, for an evening of exciting submissions. The Miyao brothers, Frank Rosenthal, Kamil Wilk, Ben Eddy, & Masakazu Imanari headlined the event, with some of the UK’s best up and coming talent starting the show. High-level submissions and gritty decision matches defined the night, with Paul Lukowski’s split decision win over Lee Simpson earning a well-deserved fight of the night.

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Main Card

  • Joao Miyao def. Frank Rosenthal via Face Bar
  • Paulo Miyao def. Kamil Wilk via Armbar
  • Masakazu Imanari def. Bed Eddy via Straight Footlock
  • Matheusz Szczecinski def. Sean McDonagh via Outside Heel Hook
  • Jack Grant def. Tom Caughey via Unanimous Decision
  • Tom Breese def. Lee Chadwick via Rear Naked Choke
  • Jay Butler def. Kev Corkhill via Unanimous Decision
  • Adam Ellis def. Mariusz Domasat via Kimura
  • Paul Lukowski def. Lee Simpson via Split Decision
  • Shane Price def. Chris Regan via Unanimous Decision
  • Abbie O’Toole def. Maia Holmes via Inside Heel Hook
  • James Walters def. Radek Romanek via Inside Heel Hook
  • Craig McIntosh def. Wing Chau Cheung via Unanimous Decision
  • Ben Robson def. Dylan Scott via Split Decision

Preliminary Card

  • Ciaran Brohan def. Neil Atkins via Unanimous Decision
  • Josh Cherrington def. Danny Tyler via Rear Naked Choke
  • Danny Hughes def. Mike Reay via Unanimous Decision
  • Sam Quinn def. Ben Hills via Split Decision
  • Josh Kennedy def. Josh Roberts via Armbar
  • Piotr Chojnacki def. Ash Fletcher via Inside Heel Hook
  • Declan Williams def. Gary Priestly via Arm Triangle Choke
  • Christian Knight def. Connor Cambell via Rear Naked Choke
  • Jamie Shattock def. Brett Reeve via Triangle Armbar
  • Shane Curtis def. John
  • Moffatt via Unanimous Decision
  • Suzanne Wilson def. Hannah Garrett via Unanimous Decision
  • Brad McDonagh def. Charlie Baker via Guillotine
  • Brian Fitzgibbon def. Logan Keenoy via Americana
  • Shea Williams def. Liam Finnegan via Guillotine


Grapplefest shows no sign of slowing down, with their next event taking place in November.

They are currently taking applications for high-level brown and black belts for Grapplefest 7.

You can find Grapplefest on Facebook and on Instagram as @grapplefest.

View more photos of Grapplefest 6 by Shawna Rodgers here and here.

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