Was Heather Clark’s Apology Sincere?

Last night fight fans saw the unfolding of the much anticipated rematch of female strawweight fighters Felice Herrig and Heather Clark.

The anticipation gained momentum over the past two weeks after the Ultimate Fighter Season 20, TUF20,  was temporarily put on hold due to the Major League Baseball postseason playoffs.

Herrig would again earn the victory over her arch nemesis, this time through a unanimous decision.  Following the fight Clark approached Herrig in what appeared to be a moment of clarity and said that she had done some soul searching and wanted to apologize for the way she trash talked Herrig and put her down.

But the question that loomed overnight and began creating a buzz is….  Was Heather Clark’s Apology Sincere?

Clark maintains that she was sincere in her apology but Herrig is not buying it.  Even though the actual filming of the show has ended, to this day the two are still bickering back and forth via social media.

Most recently, Clark placed photographs of Herrig in a blender and chopped them up and put the video up on the social media site Sqor.

After the fight air last night on the two appeared in an interview with Fox Sports Live’s Karyn Bryant.

“What was your first reaction to Heather’s apology,” Bryant asked Herrig to which she replied “that it was not sincere.”

Bryant then turned to Clark and asked if it was in deed sincere to which Heather Jo answered “absolutely.”

When Bryant asked the ladies to offer a piece of advice to each other, Clark said “to be who you are, not trying to make up who you are.”

Herrig replied to Clark “I am who I am.”

Her retaliated offer of advice was “stop being a hypocrite.”

In Clark’s parting words of the interview she said “I hope Felice and I can move on in a cordial way…there’s mutual respect for her and I’m not here to be judgmental or to put her down so you know it’s been an interesting journey and I wish you the best of luck in your career.”

So what do you think fight fans….. Was Heather Clark’s post-fight apology to Felice Herrig sincere and if so, why is Felice not accepting it’s validity?

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