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How To Become a TikTok Star In Days

We spend most of our time nowadays on social media, scrolling through the news feed. It has several hooking features like the photo-sharing facility, video sharing options, chatting, and showing love and support to each other. In the coronavirus pandemic, it showed how it feels to be genuine with our loving ones. You need a tap to talk and see your loved ones from Across the globe. So, social media is getting more popular with each passing day. If we talk about the most hooking part of media, that is the influencers. People love to follow influential personalities and their advice in their daily life regarding fashion, lifestyle, DIY projects, and more. If you want to be the next social media star, please scroll below to know some handy tips and tricks.

Social media influencing tips

Choose the media

Every media has some unique features that help them to stand out among all. For example, Facebook is famous for the messenger features that allow you to text, voice, and video calls your contacts. YouTube is exclusive for video sharing facility. It means you have to find out your niche first and then find out the opt social media to support your talent. You can also go with the trend to catch the most audiences possible. For example, YouTube was the only and top video sharing platform for years. But, nowadays, TikTok became the number one video sharing facility by defeating YouTube.

Follow The Rules

If you decide to start your career with TikTok, you must understand and abide by the rules. It will help you to get more viewers organically. Besides, posting according to the rules will help you stay out of any bans and reports from the users. Your account becomes blacklisted and more prone to shut down with each piece from the viewers. You have to understand that the profile is the only way to reach out to the audience and show off your talent.

Have an Instant Support

If you are posting abiding by the rules and still not getting enough views and followers, it is effortless and normal to become frustrated. After all, investing so much time and effort without an outcome can be heartbreaking. But, it does not mean that you don’t have taken or you aren’t doing good. So, here is a tip for you to reach the loyal fan base at first. You can buy followers on TikTok from some websites. These websites help you to gain more views and likes by directing people to your account.


Buying views on TikTok or working to buy TikTok followers is the easiest way to gain followers and views in TikTok. But, you have to understand that it is a one-time investment. You can’t keep investing in the accounts continually. So, you have to work on your content more and more. It will help you continuously improve so that the people coming to your account once because of the direction get enough reason to stay as a loyal fan. Once you start having loyal and original fans, then the rest of the game becomes easy as they will be watching your videos over and over and suggesting them to their friends. In this way, you will reach out to a massive base.


Getting fame on social media is not that tough. You have to be unique and work on your talent a bit is enough to gain fame. But, the responsibility that comes with fame is fundamental for you to understand. Once you become an influencer, you need to be careful about your actions.


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