IMMAF board member jailed charged with stealing from oil pipeline

IMMAF board member jailed, charged with stealing from oil pipeline

A judge has sent IMMAF board member Victor Frolov to jail until April 28 as he faces charges for stealing from an oil pipeline. Right now he is in a pre-trial detention center.

According to a translation from the Russian media outlet Echo-oren there is also one other person involved with the crime.

Frolov, who is the founder of the Russian companies Cerberus and Stroyal, was not given a reason from judge Andrey Azarenko as to why he sent Frolov to jail.

Frolov’s lawyers do plan on appealing the court decision as they feel the prosecution did not provide any evidence of Frolov’s involvement in the case. They added that Frolov has not yet been charged with any crimes.

The IMMAF voted Frolov to the Board of Directors in November 2019. Prior to appointing him, Frolov served as the Head of the European Division of the World Association for three years before the WMMAA merged with the IMMAF.

In 2013, Frolov founded the sports club “Boets” and became a member of the General Committee of the United MMA Organization in Russia. Also from 2013-2019, Frolov headed the MMA Federation of the Orenburg region where the promotion held eight events in Orenburg.

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