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Jonathan The Gentleman Davis

Jonathan “The Gentleman” Davis looks to show he is a “special breed” at Fury FC 43

Jonathan “The Gentleman” Davis has been fighting for a long time. It started was when he was getting kicked out of elementary schools for fighting all the time because he was defending himself against bullies. So his dad brought him to a mixed martial arts gym to learn to protect himself and learn discipline at age 11. It just so happened that gym was 4 oz Fight Club, home of the likes of UFC veteran Derek Lewis.

The gym helped Davis who he is today and Davis is grateful for it. However, discipline and self-confidence are not the only thing Davis gained from joining the gym. He discovered his passion for competition fighting.

“I had my first fight when I was 11 and I got knocked out. I took a knee to the body and they stopped the fight. Ever since that day when I was 11 years old, I realized I could do this. Even losing like that, this is something I could do. I want to do better; I want to know what to do to win. Ever since then I fell in love with it.  I saw other fighters, my coaches training. I saw how it works. Seeing them go from Strikeforce to the UFC, I wanted to feel that and live that lifestyle.”

Since he started so young, Davis has plenty of experience. At 22 years old, he has five professional fights (4-1 record) and has fought around the world in Muay Thai and has wrestled across the country. Plus, he had seven amateur MMA fights. The experience he has at a young age is something Davis believes is a key attribute to his success.

“I’ve been there done that, I competed all over the world. From Muay Thai, to MMA. I’ve wrestled parts of the country, I’ve competed in Muay Thai all over the world. I’ve fought the best amateur fighters in Muay Thai, I’ve wrestled some of the best wrestlers, in MMA, I was number one in the country as an amateur. I definitely got that experience. My head coach, Bob made sure that I did that all that from a young age and as soon as I turned professional, I had that edge, that little bity edge on these guys. How to relax, how to be calm in a fight, how to handle a fight and the experience that comes with it.”

Though he has the skills to compete at a high level in the individual sports of Muay Thai and wrestling, Davis prides himself on being able to put it together in MMA.

“I know how to do Muay Thai, I know how to wrestle. When it comes to putting it together, I think I’m a special breed.”

Davis will look to prove he is a special breed at Fury FC 43 when he faces Shawn Solis in a rematch from his amateur days. Davis fought Solis at Bellator 149 and lost by decision. Now the young fighter will look to redeem that loss but now in a different division, as he moves up from flyweight to bantamweight. He says it was only a matter of time before he did it.

“My coaches have been telling me for a long time 135 was coming. I’m only 22, I’ve been fighting at flyweight ever since I started at 17. Its just not the same, my body is getting bigger, I’m getting stronger. I’m getting bigger naturally too, I lift weights. I have the reach; I have the frame for a 35er so it’s definitely time. I’ve talked to my coaches and I think I’ll perform better than I ever have at 35.”

Davis recently signed with First Round Management, one of the top management groups in the world. They have sent many fighters to the top promotions and Davis is looking to become next in line. With a victory over Solis at Fury FC 43, he looks to have an opportunity to be considered for it in 2021.

Jonathan The Gentleman Davis
Photo courtesy of Davis Instagram account

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