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Jono Carroll on being a playable character in a video game

Jono Carroll takes on Andy Vences for the vacant WBC international silver super featherweight title on Saturday, June 19th. This Triller Fight Club event goes down at LoanDepot Park in Miami Florida.

Carroll has an overall pro Boxing record of 19-2-1 heading into this contest.

The Southpaw out of Dublin, Ireland gets back to in-ring competition after re-entering the win column in March. He stopped Romic Airapetean in the fourth frame of their prizefight at Club Saga Heredia in Malaga, Andalucía, Spain.

The former IBF intercontinental super featherweight champion looks to add yet another title belt to his overall ring resume next weekend.

I spoke with Jono Carroll as part of Triller Fight Club media day and asked about being immortalized in a video game as well as the future desire to be a Grand Theft Auto character.

Jono Carroll

I was noticing the story circulating around about you being a playable character in an upcoming Boxing video game.

Can you talk about that there? You seem very excited about that.

“Yeah, I am very excited about it. It’s like my legacy will live on. I remember playing all these types of games when I was literally a baby, you know. Playing EA Sports and even the UFC games and all of those types of games. And the thing is, I don’t even play video games.”

“But those games I was mad into. That and Grand Theft Auto. So the next GTA, hit me up. I’d love to be a character. But yeah, I would love to just play myself you know what I mean. It’d be almost like a surreal moment, being able to be a character in the game. I’m not one of them made-up characters that you just make look like yourself. It’s going to actually be me, you know that way. So it’s exciting, it’s very exciting.”

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