Kasai Pro 6

Kasai Pro 6 Results From Atlantic City – Grappling Event of the Summer

Kasai Pro is back with their 6th installment and will be visiting The Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the first time.

Kasai Pro 6 is expected to bring fireworks to the boardwalk this Saturday, August 17th.

The event includes 4 HUGE Super Fights with ADCC implications on the line. The main card Super Fights will include BIG names like Kynan Durate, Yuri Simoes, Tom DeBlass, and Josh Hinger. The 6th Kasai tournament is for the Bantamweight Championship. The Bantamweght 8 man round-robin tournament will feature names like John Calestine, Joao Miyao, Geo Martinez, and Masakazu Imanari.

The Kasai Pro 6 undercard is pretty stacked and is promised to start the night off right.

Kasai Pro 6 is Saturday, August 17th and  will start at 6 p.m. The event will be held at The Showboat Casino 801 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401. The event will be live on Flograppling.com and live results will be updated here throughout the night.

Kasai Pro 6 SuperFights:

1.Kynan Duarte (Atos) vs. Patrick Gaudio (GF Team) Heavyweight: Kynan Duarte winner by points.

2.Matheus Diniz (Marcelo Garcia) vs. Josh Hinger (Atos) 190 lbs: Matheus Diniz winner by Rear Naked Choke.

3.Tom DeBlass (OCBJJ) vs.  Nick Caggia (KDOJO) Heavyweight: Ton DeBlass winner by Kneebar.

4.Jonavin Webb (Webb BJJ) vs. Murilo Santana (Unity) 185 lbs. Maurilo Santana winner by points.

Bantamweight 135lb Tournament:


Ash Williams (Chris Rees BJJ)

Joao Miyao (Unity)

Rafael Freitas (Gracie Barra)

Richard Alarcon (ONE)


Edwin “Junny” Ocasio  (Unity)

Geo Martinez (10P)

John Calestine (Bancho MMA)

Masakazu Imanari (Team Roken).

ROUND 1 Group A:

Richard Alacron vs. Joao Miyao: Joao Miyao winner by Rear Naked Choke.

Ash Williams vs. Rafael Freitas: Ash Williams winner by Rear Nake Choke.

ROUND 1 Group B:

Geo Martinez vs. Junny Ocasio: Junny Ocasio winner by points.

John Calestine vs. Masakazu Imanari: John Calestine winner by Heel Hook.

Round 2 Group A:

Joao Miyao vs. Rafael Freitas: Joao Miyao winner by Heel Hook.

Richard Alacron vs. Ash Williams: Richard Alacron winner by points.

Round 2 Group B:

Geo Martinez vs. Masakazu Imanari: Geo Martinez winner by points.

John Calestine vs. Junny Ocasio: Junny Ocasio winner by points.

Round 3 Group A:

Ash Williams vs. Joa Miyao: Draw.

Round 3 Group B:

Junny Ocasio vs. Masakazu Imanari: Junny Ocasio winner by points.

Geo Martinez vs. John Calestine: Draw.

3rd Place Match:

Jon Calestine vs. Richard Alacron: Richard Alacron winner by points.


Junny Ocasio vs. Joao Miyao: Joao Miyao winner and KASAI PRO 6 Champion.

Kasai Pro 6 Undercard:

Nick Ronan (Serra BJJ/RGA) vs. William Tackett (Checkmat) 170 lbs: William Tackett winner by points.

Mike Wilcox vs. Tim Williams (Balance): Mike Wilcox winner by points 5-4.

Fiona Watson (Notorious MMA) vs. Yaz Almonte (Animals MMA) 120 lbs: Fiona Watson winner by Armbar.

Athos Miranda (Marcelo Garcia) vs. Garret Lavaggi (Pinelands BJJ) 170 lbs. Athos Miranda winner by points 7-0.

Marcelo Mattos vs. Marcio Bittencourt 165 lbs. Marcio Bittencourt winner by points 4-0.

Nakapan Phungephorn vs. Daniel Tavares: Daniel Tavares winner by points.

Izzak Mitchelle (Renzo Gracie) vs. Italo Moura (Unity) 155 lbs: Italo Moura winner by points 4-2

Lucas Protasio vs. Jefferson Guaresi: Lucas Proasio winner by points 4-2.

Grace Gundrum (10th Planet) vs. Gabby Etzel (The Hive) 105 lbs. Grace Gundrum winner by Guillotine.

David Brennan (Baltimore BJJ/ Balance) vs. Aaron Harris (Black Hole BJJ) 170 lbs. Aaron Harris winner by heel hook.

Steve Ramos (Essential BJJ) vs. Chris Martin (Balance) 155 lbs. Steve Ramos winner by Baratoplata.

Lydia Coleman vs. Chloe McNally. Chloe McNally winner by points 2-0.

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