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Josh Quinlan

LFA 91’s Josh Quinlan has positive views on how to spend the 24 hours of the day ahead of the fight

Josh Quinlan looks to remain undefeated on the biggest stage of his young career.

Josh Quinlan (2-0) has impressed in his young career. With wins via 1st round stoppage in both appearances in the cage, Quinlan is a name to watch out for on the prospect scene. The 27 year old is ready for what should be the toughest test to date.

“I’m blessed,” Quinlan tells MyMMANews. “Iriduim Sports Agency has been treating me really well, they got me this fight. They have been great support for this fight. I’m looking to show my growth over the last 6 months,” Quinlan continued. “I know this is a showcase fight, but I’m just looking to do my best that is all I can offer.”

Quinlan has always held a unique lifestyle outlook when it comes to the 24 hours in a day. As is with many in their martial arts career, Quinlan has a full time job outside of fighting.

“Lots of people feel drained after their job,” Quinlan told MyMMANews. “My desk job is not to strenious, I’m able to hydrate and my job is very supportive of me and my MMA career. I look at it as a 24 hour day,” Quinlan continued. “8 hour full time job, 8 hours to sleep and another 8 hours of recreational. So even though I have an 8-hour job, I can put another 8 hours into anything I won’t and I chose martial arts.”

LFA 91, Quinlan takes the stage against Pete Keepers who will be making his debut as a professional. Keepers holds an amateur record of 9-2. Quinlan before turning professional held a record of 6-0 in the amateur ranks.

“I prepare myself for anything that comes my way,” Quinlan spoke on being well rounded. “I’m excited, every fight has different challenges. I know he’s 6’4 and lengthy, it’s just another fight. I hope he brings his best because I’m bringing my best, Quinlan told MyMMANews. “I know he has good attributes, I’m not looking to stop his career, I’m looking to elevate myself and him.”

It is clear Quinlan has the positive outlook on life that many of us need in our own daily lives. Quinlan not only shares his words of wisdom on working (basically) two full time jobs, but also speaks very highly of his opponent at LFA 91. As for his prediction, Quinlan is looking for fireworks.

“I’m looking to exchange, pick my shots, he’s a stand up guy,” Quinlan stated. “looking to go 100% in the fight, land some solid shots and see where it goes.”

Check out the audio of the full interview above where Quinlan speaks on his background, his gym and training partners and more!



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