Logan Paul says member of Dillon Danis crew pulled gun during NYC altercation

Logan Paul says member of Dillon Danis crew pulled gun during NYC altercation

Logan Paul and brother Jake are arguably two of the biggest stars in combat sports today, despite not really having extensive knowledge and or a professional career in any of the arts.

Both Logan and younger brother Jake have made names for themselves in boxing, having fought the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and former UFC fighters respectively.

How they rose to such fame in such an incredibly short period of time is a mystery in itself, but what is for certain is that their alleged beef with Jiu Jitsu and MMA star Dillon Danis is nothing short of fantastic.  Danis himself rose to notoriety at an extremely quick pace, but also has somehow found himself on the receiving end of a lot of fan hatred over the years.  Once dubbed as Conor McGregor’s right-hand man, Danis was signed to the Bellator MMA promotion in 2018.

While he hasn’t competed since 2019, Danis did earn two victories with Bellator, but also found himself taking a lot of heat for the personality he portrayed, along with the comments he would make.  His “beefs” spilled over to the boxing world, to include the Paul Brothers, and the trio have been going after each online ever since.

Two years ago, Jake Paul, posted a video where he found Danis out on the streets and attacked him with water balloons in a drive-by.  While Danis was not hurt in the incident, he may have used his anger from the incident to fuel his retaliation.

“A hundred percent, I agree, he’s one of the best jiu jitsu guys in the world,” Logan Paul said in a recent interview with Flagrant podcast. “Actually here in New York, one time, ’cause you know Dillon, me and Jake and all have been beefing for some time. We were at a party, this was when Dillon was on crutches and one of his boys pulled a gun on Mike [Majlak]. Legit.”

Obviously, no charges were filed and it is unclear as to the validity and accuracy of Paul’s claim but that’s taking the beef a little too far.

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