Luke Hill

Luke Hill – “All I’ve wanted to do is test myself.”

Beginning his journey at the young age of 13-years-old, Thai Boxing Champion Luke Hill has proven over the last 10 years with hard work and dedication you can make your dreams a reality.

Hill has obtained a wealth of knowledge over the last decade. From day one, Hill feels blessed to have the opportunity to train with the best athletes and been given incredible opportunities such as competing in Thailand. Hill mention how owner of Crawley Lumpini gym, George Jarvis and Paulo Da Silva could not do enough for him or any of the fighters in that case, creating high morale and a positive attitude throughout the gym.

Luke Hill

I was intrigued to learn how Hill initially got into combat sports and what about the sport caught his eye.

“Just by being bored really. My Mum wanted me to do something like football, join the army cadets or something but my cousin was was training here, he’d been training, fighting and won a few  belts as well. Obviously I spoke to him and I started coming down and done a Saturday session with Paul, Ruth, John, everybody was here including all the main fighters. When I saw that I wanted to start training and fighting i slowly started training more serious and here I am now.”

Luke Hill

Hill is another prime example of the incredible talent coming out of last years voted number 1 gym in the UK. Being one of the nine title holders withing the gym Hill has found his passion and is determined to become number one in the world.

Check out my full interview with Luke Hill above for the complete story.

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