Dominick Reyes

Matt Serra believes Dominick Reyes beat Jon Jones at UFC 247

Matt Serra, like many, believes Dominick Reyes beat Jon Jones at UFC 247.

In the main event, many thought Jones would defend his belt rather easily against the undefeated challenger. But, that was not the case as after the first three rounds, many had the challenger up 3-0, with Jones winning the last two rounds. Yet, the judges’ saw it differently as the awarded “Bones” a unanimous decision win.

Serra, who is a former UFC welterweight champion was speaking on UFC Unfiltered podcast felt that Reyes did enough to get his hand raised.

“This is what I thought,” Serra said when expressing his belief that Dominick Reyes beat Jones (via “I only saw it once. But, I remember thinking that Jones needed to finish it because I remember feeling that Dominick won the first three rounds. Again, I’ve seen it once I’m gonna watch it again.”

Although Matt Serra believes Dominick Reyes beat Jon Jones, he is not one to think it is a robbery.

“That’s what I remember thinking, ‘oh man he has to stop it,’ but you have to give the champion something,” Serra continued. “I mean listen, at the end of the day you score it round-to-round but he did come back. That last round he was stalking him. He doesn’t accept it, he doesn’t accept defeat. You definitely could’ve made a case. I remember thinking that he won the fight, Dominick, but it was close.”

What will be next for both Dominick Reyes and Jon Jones is unknown. Many fans have pointed to the possibility of a rematch as it was a very close fight. But, with Jan Blachowicz taking on Corey Anderson this weekend, it is expected that the winner of that will get the next shot.

Regardless, there is no question Jon Jones and Dominick Reyes will likely meet again in the future.

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