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Matthew Riddle Bulking Up for Pro Wrestling MMA News 

Matthew Riddle Bulking Up for Pro Wrestling

Matthew Riddle Bulking Up for Pro Wrestling

Matt Riddle started his mixed martial arts career by joining the Ultimate Fighter season 7. Riddle would go 9-3 in the UFC, with two of his wins being overturned for testing positive for marijuana. Riddle would then be released by the UFC for his positive drug testing.

Riddle then signed with Titan Fighting Championship, winning his fight. He would then retire from mixed martial arts wiMatt Riddleth an “official” 8-3 record, leaving much potential behind. Riddle fought his mixed martial arts career as a welterweight at 170 pounds.

Several months ago Riddle has posted on his facebook page that he has turned his interest into becoming a professional wrestler. Recently Riddle states that he is currently 220 pounds (see picture above), and his goal is to reach 240-260 pound mark.

From Matt Riddle’s account:

“So I’ve been getting asked a lot if I’m putting on size for wrestling well I’m 220 in this pic and I’m still growing my goal is 240-260. I will reach my goal and I couldn’t be happier not cutting weight and feeling like death. I also quit smoking the devil’s lettuce and don’t take any other form of PED’s#therealnatural”

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