Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson responds to comments suggesting she had plastic surgery work done

Former UFC featherweight title contender Megan Anderson has a message for the haters.

The 33-year-old fighter originally from Australia has been receiving comments online after she has appeared in photos and videos with a new look.

One user commented, “Always a gorgeous woman never understood the use of filters.”

In a tweet on Friday morning, Anderson wrote:

“The fact I even have to address this is stupid, but the amount of disgusting comments I’ve been getting is ridiculous..

“The only ‘plastic surgery’ I have had is a rhinoplasty to fix my nose that had been broken in multiple places multiple different times so I could actually breathe properly.

“No, I have not had a face-lift – I have had lip filler added 2 years ago, so that’s not a new thing, and I do get botox for frown lines. That is literally it.

“I wear my hair in a tight bun/ponytail most of the time, and I’ve also leaned out after dealing with hormonal damage from 9 years of cutting to 145lb.

“Most of you seen me while I was fighting during a time I didn’t take care of my hair/skin, etc, and didn’t even know how to apply makeup properly – over the last couple years I’ve made it a priority to take better care of myself and have changed the way I dress/hairstyle/makeup over that time.

“Being in a public position will always bring negative comments, but geez, have you guys got nothing better to talk about? 😂”

Anderson holds a professional mixed martial arts record of 10-5. She last competed at UFC 259 in March 2021 where she challenged Amanda Nunes for the title.

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