Mercedes Terrell, dream job

Mercedes Mailbag: Dream Job and Things She Can’t Live Without

What was Mercedes Terrell’s other dream job? Find out in the latest episode of #MercedesMailbag! Presented by Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum.


More information on the Bellator MMA ring card girl:

D.O.B.: June 2, 1984
Age: 33
Hometown: Yorba Linda, California
Current Town: Los Angeles
Height5′ 6″
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown

Twitter @mercedesterrell

Mercedes Terrell is a beautiful blend of Sicilian, Mexican, Welsh and German ancestry. “The ethnicity people think I am depends on what side of the country I am. If I’m on the West Coast, they think I’m Mexican. If I’m the East Coast they think I’m Italian. In Middle America they think I’m Japanese because they have never seen a Mexican or an Italian. I’ve also gotten Middle Eastern and half black.”

Sorry fellas, she is also married and off the market.

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