Mia Inzirilo connects with a right hand to the chin of Sharneka Wright. (Photo captured by Peter Scifo)

Mia Inzirilo connects with a right against Wright.

Mia Inzirilo Forced Opponent to Quit Mid-Fight

Mia Inzirilo connects with a right hand to the chin of Sharneka Wright. (Photo captured by Peter Scifo)
Mia Inzirilo connects with a right hand to the chin of Sharneka Wright Photo captured by Peter Scifo

On Sunday evening, Mia Inzirilo of LAW MMA (Longo and Weidman MMA) forced her opponent to quit mid-fight. The strong Inzirilo crowd went wild inside Mulcahy’s Pub & Concert Hall as her hand was raised in the young talent’s professional debut.

Inzirilo’s professional debut took place as the main event for Jackhammer Promotions Super Brawl 6. She fought Sharnecka Wright, a tough, strong, and formidable foe. A little after the halfway mark of the fight, Inzirilo’s head-snapping jabs and powerful right hand amounted to great for Wright, forcing her to verbally tell the referee she had enough.

The triumphant professional debut came to a conclusion at 1:12 in Round 2. Mia looked like a machine inside the cage effectively executing her game plan, while also listening to her coach’s instructions throughout the bout.

Jennie Nedell has taken Mia under her wing and has been working with the young fighter. Sunday night Nedell stood in her corner for the first time.

“It feels great to be back after three years,” said Inzirilo. The LAW-MMA kickboxer debut is her first fight back after a three-year layoff due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Clearly, there was zero “ring rust” in Inzirilo. The mental toughness shines as she informs us that “As soon as that bell rang, it was like I never left.” Inzirilo’s comfort was evident in the dominating performance she mounted in front of the proud crowd at Mulcahy’s.

Inzirilos hand was raised after her professional debut Photo taken by Peter Scifo

Nedell, a long-time fighter, is about to make her final walk to the ring. While on Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast, Nedell mentioned that this fight coming up will be her last. As she retires from competing inside the ring, the veteran makes the transition to coach. With Jennie Nedell and Ray Longo training Inzirilo, Long Island

Mia Inzirilo’s name will quickly catch fire across the combat sports community as the talented woman dives deeper. The composer displayed inside the ring against Wright’s blitzes and flurries impressed commentators Anthony Tummenillo and Kyle Carroll. Inzirilo defended and countered Wright’s attacks.

The now 1-0 fighter stands tall inside the ring against her opponents and appears she will have an arm and leg reach advantage against many of her foes. Speaking with Inzirilo on the podcast, you can sense a silent toughness. Inzirilo didn’t have any social media previous to her debut. Fans should be eager to hear about her next scheduled contest.

The future is bright for Mia Inzirilo.

The fights streamed live on Jackhammerfights.com. Jackhammer Promotions presented by Bobby Campbell once again delivers a night of action-packed MMA and Kickboxing. Jackhammer Promotions returns to Mulcahy’s Pub & Concert Hall in Wantagh, New York, on March 6, 2022, with The Beat Down 6.

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