Mickey Gall

Mickey Gall talks new UFC fame, forced to grow up, calls out everyone at 155 or 170 pounds

Adam Crist of MyMMANews.com talks with rising UFC star Mickey Gall. The New Jersey native talks new found fame, using his mouth to get fights, calling out his opponents, and more.

Gall was at a UFC Kansas City viewing party alongside UFC lightweight Jim Miller on Saturday.  The event took place at Trackside Station Grill and Bar in East Stroudsburg, PA.

The 25-year old youngster opened up about his overnight success coming from the regional MMA scene in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“The UFC, it’s like a publicity machine.  It’s big.  It gets you a lot of attention.  It’s been fun man, you know? I’m doing the same stuff, training with the same people.”

When asked if his everyday routine has changed, Gall said:

“It’s made me grow up, it’s made me grow up a little bit.  It’s forced me to grow up faster which is a blessing, I think.  But other than that no, same dude.  I feel like I’ve become a man pretty quickly.”

Mickey Gall on being a heel:

“I think it’s fun to talk a little sh*t, you know what I mean?  We’re gonna fight anyway.  Do something about it?  I don’t know, it’s fun.  And people like it, and I knew, I wanted that Sage Northcutt fight.  I knew I needed to go at his throat.  I knew I had to come at his neck.  I knew I had to come at him hot.  I did that also in order to get a fight I wanted.”

When asked if he will continue to call fighters out:

“Yeah, going into every fight, after on the mic, I’ll have a name coming out of my mouth.  It got me to the dance.  I’ll keep dancing with it.  I think it’s fun.  People really seem to like it too.  I like it too.  I like when someone has a name in their mouth, and a reason why.  It’s fun.”

Dan Hardy fight won’t happen.  Who is on your radar?

“Everybody!  Everybody! Everybody!  No one in particular.  Everybody!  Everybody! (One Hundred) 70-pounders, 55-pounders.  Everybody!  I want to be a champion!”

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