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Micol Di Segni: “I want to be the first Italian strawweight to sign with the UFC”

Micol Di Segni made the decision to expand her MMA game by taking a trip to JacksonWink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The move has paid off to the point where she’s one big performance from a UFC contract.

On the August 20th edition of Dana White’s Contender Series Di Segni will face LFA vet Mallory Martin.

You’ve won six of your last seven fights and have shown a lot of progression as a martial artist. What has this streak been like for you?

“It’s been a long journey since the first time I came here (Jacksonwink MMA). I remember getting ready for my first fight out of here and then getting that win was like life changing. Because I was like, ‘I know I’m on the right path and that’s where this path has led me to.’ So, I’m going to be fighting for this big chance. The toughest like job interview ever. It’s going to be fun, I’m excited for that.”

Getting this opportunity, getting the call, did you expect something like this would be coming your way?

“I was actually debating with my manager about getting into the Contender Series last year and then I had some visa issues. So, I didn’t get my visa in time in order to fight in the U.S. So, I had to wait another year and I didn’t know what was gonna happen; and if I was going to have another big chance like that. So, it was a big surprise. I was really excited. I am still really excited. I’m grateful for this opportunity. And I’m grateful it came up for the second time, because some people just have it one and I got it twice, so that a big thing.”

And life changing. I heard it’s more than just a UFC contract on the line for you?

“My main goal has always been to try and move to the U.S. So, in order to do that, and follow my dream, and keep living my dream, I want to achieve that. I want to be the best. I want to prove that I am the best. Right now I am ranked as the first strawweight in Italy, so I want to be the first Italian strawweight to sign with the UFC and be able to move to JacksonWink and be here full time.”

We’ve seen some of your teammates from back home in Italy get UFC contracts. What would it mean to also join them in the UFC?

“It is been a great emotion to see them signing, see them debuting, and just be able to be there for them when they had their opportunity. I just had a little taste of what’s going to be. I want more. I don’t want just a slice. I want the whole cake”.

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