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MyMMArijuanaChronicles ft. Brandon “Malo” Lambert: “In that euphoric state, your body is healing itself”

Interview with Brandon Lambert above

In a promotion that cut its teeth just a matter of years ago, when BKFC is mentioned today, you can rest assured, Brandon “Malo” Lambert will be close in proximity to the conversation. Love him or hate him, Brandon Lambert has made a name for himself.
Becoming a polarizing figure in the realm of bare-knuckle fighting after a single BKFC bout that didn’t go his way, is quite impressive. Lambert has done an amazing job setting himself apart from the rest, making his voice heard whether you like it or not, and will let you know how he feels about you. However, he remains steadfast that he isn’t here to start a problem, but he certainly won’t back down from one, either.
Behind the polarizing fighter is an intelligent businessman that cares about his product. Cannabis has been a huge driving force and passion beyond the ring. He started The Fighters Friend, marketing CBD, Delta 8 “Medibles” (medicated edibles), and other cannabis products to help his fellow combatants in their everyday recovery needs. 
“The reason there is no research being done on marijuana and its medical purposes is because it would put Big Pharma out of business,” Lambert says. “You can get weed anywhere,” he continues. “The last thing the medical field wants is people self-diagnosing themselves and self-healing themselves so that’s why they outlawed it at first, Lambert boldly states. “Then they figured out there’s a revenue stream on it.  I hope they take it (cannabis bans) away pretty soon. In America, I think it will happen in the next two or three years,” Lambert hopefully says.
Lambert recently signed another bout agreement with BKFC but couldn’t go into particulars at the time of our interview.  With the recent signing of former WWE star Jack Claffey (formerly known as “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher), the pieces seem to fit for a potential clash of the two established characters.
Tune in above as Brandon “Malo” Lambert talks about his fast rise to notoriety in the BKFC squared circle.  We discuss how he’s amped-up training while he’s gearing up for his next bout, his duties as a bounty hunter, medical cannabis entrepreneur, and so much more!

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