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Nate Diaz Will Still be in The Fight Business After UFC 279

Nate Diaz looking to keep it real after UFC 279

Nate Diaz looks to be fighting his last fight under the UFC banner this weekend at UFC 279. Diaz, like his brother Nick before him, is part of the blood and sweat that helped the UFC succeed to where they are today, even when the promotion didn’t plan on it. 

It’s common for fans to mistakenly call the sport of MMA “UFC” because it is a powerhouse brand that helped catapult the popularity of the sport to where it is today. Now, MMA promotions seem to be popping up more than ever, and having success. Diaz seems to know this so his next move looks to be “Real Fight Inc”, an MMA promotion that looks to bring fight fans “Real Ninjas. Real Fighters. Real Shit…” according to a press release following an Instagram post from Diaz.

“Keeping it real” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot.

In friendships, relationships, and business it’s all anyone asks for. Just keep it real.

The UFC makes the fights that make them money and when a fighter gets star power, that fighter seems to have more say in getting the fights they want, provided they are young and worthy of renewing their contracts, and marketable. It’s something both Diaz brothers have pointed out in the past, but everyone seems to be okay with it because it is part of the business side of fighting. But that doesn’t mean the best fights are happening for the best ready for the challenge. So, Nate is looking to try to remedy that by getting his promoter’s license and putting on fights of his own.

During his ESPN interview with Brett Okamoto, Diaz said, “This is just the start for me. This whole fight is not brought to you by the UFC, it’s brought to you by ‘Real Fight Incorporated.’” He then went on to say he tried getting contracts for “all my guys.” But it never came to fruition, so Diaz decided to start “calling his own shots.” Real Fight Inc. seems to be the way to do it for Diaz who has always respected what his brother did before him. 

Back in 2013, Nick Diaz tried to do this with a promotion called “War MMA” which never really took off but MMA was not where it is now and timing is everything. In 2022, MMA is on television or a streaming service almost every weekend so there could not be a better time to make it work. Real Fight Inc is said to focus on promoting combat sports shows, specifically boxing, MMA, and BJJ. There’s definitely a demand for it in today’s streaming landscape, otherwise, Amazon Prime Video would not have added combat sports like ONE Championship to their live sports offerings.

So, regardless of how Diaz comes out of UFC 279, he’ll win when he leaves, and don’t be surprised if he finds success.

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