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Nathan Kelly talks flawless PFL Europe contract winning performance

Nathan Kelly and Lenny from MyMMANews sit down to talk his recent winning performance at PFL 8 earning his place in next years PFL Europe series. 

Kelly (6-2), put on a phenomenal grappling display that led the SBG Ireland faithful to get a rare-naked choke in the first round. The Irishmen came out sharp lighting up his opponent Ben Ellis on the feet before sinking in the submission, following his victory over Ellis, Kelly is now slated to compete in the newly implemented European series in the PFL.

Kelly came out sharp and with something to prove:

“I’m over the moon with the fight, it was a dominating performance. I felt myself on the night, I felt like everything was going to plan with everything I was doing. I went in with confidence and stuck to my game plan and everything went into place. Everything couldn’t have gone any better.

“From what I’ve seen of him, he was more grappling based. I think he took, from my own perspective, advantage of his better grappling against bad grapplers. I’ve put a lot of work into my striking over the last 2 years, I know I have knockout wins and all that jazz but I’ve put a lot of work into my boxing. All my fights have ended so quickly so I’ve not had a chance to show my good timing.

“I didn’t see the finish coming so early. He’s a tough b*stard. I hit him hard that night and he was still fighting up until the choke.”

With this performance Nathan Kelly earns himself  a spot on the PFL European Series:

“I’m buzzing man, it gives me a clear vision of what’s in front of me. Knowing that I had to qualify gave me a better drive. Now that I’m in this and it’s a tournament there is a European title on the line and all that jazz, it’s something to aim for. I always like having something to aim for, and this is something good to aim for. I feel like I have the skills and capabilities to go and get it, it’s just a matter of me going there and doing it, like I know I can.

“I felt a lot of pressure in this fight because the whole title of you’re fighting for a place in the European Series. Opposed to me just having one fight and nothing coming after it, this one was like ‘you have to win this fight to get into this and when you win that fight you get into that’. You’re fighting for a bit of status every time, I’m happy to rise up through the ranks.”

Following the fight, how did Nathan Kelly celebrate his monumental win?

“There was a bit of drink, but I didn’t go too mad. We went out with the PFL crew. It was nice to meet new people and talk to new faces. I was talking to Kenny Florian and it was deadly, we were talking about life, he was telling me good stories. We were talking for ages, he is a f*cking legend. I looked up to him a young fighter and then being able to have a drink with him and sitting down having conversations, it was deadly.”

Like what you are reading? Listen to the full interview with Nathan Kelly above.

We speak in detail:

– PFL 9 fight vs. Ben Ellis

– Earning spot on 2023 PFL European series

– The pressure heading into the fight

– Training at SBG Ireland

– Talking to Kenny Florian in depth

And much much more..

Thanks Nathan for your time!

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