Ode “The Oddity” Osbourne Signs with RFA – Fights June 17th

Congratulations to Ode “The Oddity” Osbourne, whom just signed a contract with RFA to fight on June 17th, 2016. Osbourne is one of the most talented bantamweight prospects in the entire country. This 135-pound fighter was born in Jamaica, grew up in Florida, and now lives in Wisconsin. He began training with Waukesha-MMA and after a tragic accident, Osbourne transitioned over to Roufusport Academy in Milwaukee.

Osbourne signing his RFA contract.

At about 12:20 central standard time today, Osbourne announced on Facebook his signing with RFA (Resurrection Fighting Alliance). The bantamweight athlete is scheduled to fight June 17th, at the Hammond Civic Center in Hammond, Indiana. His opponent is still unknown at the moment, but Osbourne’s fights will be aired on television for the first time in his career, on AXS TV.

“And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for! June 17th I have my very first televised fight for RFA on AXS TV fights. Signed my contract so it’s official!” Osbourne wrote on Facebook. “Let me know if anyone would like to make a trip to Hammond, Indiana where the fights will be held and I’ll book tickets. Believe or not, it’s just over 2 hours away! Feeling blessed that I was able to get this opportunity.”

Osbourne’s nickname is “The Oddity”, because Osbourne is just that. This one of a kind fighter is capable of finishing opponents with a multitude of technique. He has excellent precision striking, lightning speed, and power that stems from the ground through his hands. His solid wrestling background also allows him to keep the fight standing, or bring them to the ground if he prefers.

While on the canvas grappling, opponents better not rest, because Osbourne is capable of sinking in one of many submissions he has in his tool box of skills. As an amateur fighter, Osbourne went 5-0. Two wins came via unanimous decision, two by way of KO/TKO, and one via Leg-lock submission.

As a professional, Osbourne has finished all three of his opponents, two via submission, and the third via KO/TKO. According to Tapology, Osbourne is ranked No. 5 in the state of Wisconsin. Osbourne could easily be ranked second or third in the state of Wisconsin. RFA clearly noticed the excellent skills Osbourne has displayed in each of his bouts.

Anyone that has seen Osbourne inside the cage can tell you, He’s a hybrid fighter with the style mix of Jon “Bones” Jones and Anderson “The Spider” Silva, but as a bantamweight. He has a very smooth flow inside the cage, while at the same time he’s unpredictable with where his offense is coming from, making it difficult for his foes to defend his attacks.

Expect to see Osbourne make a strong run at the RFA title while he’s apart of this organization. Be sure get tickets to his bout in Hammond, Indiana if possible. He’s an exciting fighter to watch and has the potential to become a superstar in the sport of mixed martial arts. His fight will also be aired live on Friday, June 17th, 2016.

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