Peter Queally

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Peter Queally on Benson Henderson main event at Bellator 285

Peter Queally tests skills with Benson Henderson in the main event attraction of Bellator 285 on September 23rd.

Queally appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and covered several subjects ahead of this one. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Peter Queally

Being in relatively close proximity to the world title despite his last bout being a lightweight title loss

“I think if I’m very lucky, maybe I could fight Patricky (Pitbull) again right after this fight. Or at the very least it’s like this fight and then one more fight maximum, I think. That would be realistic I think to say that. But if things panned out and the dominoes fell in my way, it could happen that I get right back to the title after this fight. Because Benson (Henderson) is such a big name. He’s such a high-caliber opponent and it means something when you get a win over someone like him. I think that could catapult me right back in.”

Bellator 285

How it feels to be standing at the nucleus of his hugely popular ‘Zombie’ entrance in Ireland

“Number one, there’s so much stress that it’s hard to kind of even enjoy this for me. It’s a stressful situation, I probably have a very hard opponent in front of me. I’m trying to kind of think about that and also it’s just so bloody crazy when you’re walking out, it’s surreal. I’ve done this a few times now in Dublin. That’s one thing I actually said to someone the other day, I’m really going to try and enjoy this one. Who knows how many more times I will get to do this? I want to actually really enjoy it…. I’m going to try and savor this and try to take in the energy.”

Peter Queally continued, “Actually maybe crack a smile even and try to enjoy this crowd because I’m so serious… I should be (enjoying things) because it’s amazing. But to answer your question, it’s hard to describe. That arena, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in it but it’s built like an amphitheater… I’ve actually fought in bigger arenas and they don’t feel as loud as this. All the noise is coming from one direction and it’s very unique when you’re in there. It’s like this kind of wall of sound and pressure coming from one side of the arena. It’s just absolutely crazy, it’s just mad.”

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