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PFL Has Tech and Desire To License An Ultra-Realistic Fighting Game

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a thrilling sport with a huge following worldwide. It has different championships including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The championship has an amazing video game format. EA UFC 4 was released on August 14, 2020, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Professional Fighters League (PFL) has gained interest in creating video games. Here is an insight into the league’s new venture.

Will the PFL Launch a Video Game Soon?

Some gamers who play games at the JackpotCity online casino are diehard fans of MMA. Donn Davis is the chairman and founder of the Professional Fighters League. He hinted that the promotion will soon build a licensed MMA video game. Although Davis founded the PFL in 2012. But, it started promoting MMA in 2018. Bellator and the UFC use matchmaking formats. Even so, the PFL uses an eliminator format and a traditional approach that is common in the MLB, NFL, and NBA.

Davis partnered with other investors to buy Team Liquid, the first eSports team. Thus, he has some experience in the gaming industry. But, there is a difference between developing a licensed game and being an esports team’s co-owner. The esports investor believes that the new video game will have a high success rate on the console, as it resembles several renowned sports leagues.

The PFL owner further added that the league’s format is like that in Madden and FIFA. So, it will have an intriguing console opportunity. Besides, the league has won the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts in recent years.

Smart Cage Analytics of Console, eSports, and Mobile

Although the PFL’s licensed video game is likely to succeed on the console, Davis is optimistic that mobile gaming will be the most effective approach for the game shortly after its release. Other combat sports firms haven’t built free-to-play mobile games. For example, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) has an enjoyable FTP mobile game. The Professional Fighters League will learn one or two gaming strategies from WWE’s game.

Several countries including China, South Korea, and the United States have adopted the fifth cellular technology (5G) and it is expected to spread worldwide by 2025. This will improve communication for close to 5 billion mobile phone users. Also, it will expand the PFL’s gaming market.

The New Shift to Monthly Updates

It is uncertain whether leading sports franchises including 2K, NBA, and Madden will adopt a service approach that is like that of Destiny and Fortnite. They have been using an annual release format for decades. But, this will change as they shift to monthly updates. Davis assured the PFL fans that the league will often change its gaming approach. For example, the 2021 edition might change before 2022. He promised gaming enthusiasts that the league will have monthly gaming changes including releases.

PFL is interested in MMA and its gaming niche. Both industries need consistency and quality. The league has attracted thousands of fans from different countries since it started promoting MMA in 2018. It postponed this year’s season up to Spring 2021. Gaming experts speculate that the Professional Fighters League will announce its new gaming venture.

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