PSAC Executive Director, Greg Sirb

PSAC Executive Director: “My guess is that we won’t see any events until the summer”

There is a great deal of uncertainty as it relates to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and exactly how long the sports world will remain on halt.

Obviously, the focus right now is determining how to defeat the virus and ensure the overall health and safety of everyone before resuming any combat sports activities.

Gyms throughout the country were forced to temporarily close their doors to help fight the spread of COVID-19.  Unfortunately many of these gyms will suffer long-term effects.  Some will lose members even if they are able to survive the lengthy closures, and some may be forced to close for good due to financial hardship.

Amateur and professional fighters looking to stay active in their craft have been training for home or in small groups. In speaking with several fighters and coaches, many are concerned about when they will actually be able to compete again, or even entertain any offers to compete given they are not training in their normal environments.

In an email sent from Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission Executive (PSAC) Director Greg Sirb, the commission will remain closed through the month of April.

This would mean that the earliest fights could be booked would be May, but which promoter in their right mind would book a card when there are so many things to factor in?  Nobody knows for certain if sanctions will lift and form in large crowds again.  Venues are shut down and would-be ticket holders are saving their money for essential spending.

Times are difficult for everyone.

And if Sirb’s later statement is any indication of when fans can expect action to resume, you might be waiting a while.

“My guess is that we will not see any events until summer,” Sirb said.  He later followed that with “Stay safe, stay healthy…Prepare but never panic.”

Sirb has served as executive director of the PSAC since 1990 and overseas all sanctioned amateur and professional contests.

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