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Ray Cooper III Interview: Aiming For MacDonald off the Bat

Reigning PFL welterweight champion, Ray Cooper III is riding high on his new championship status. After beating David Michaud in the PFL playoff championship, Cooper is gearing up for PFL’s third season and has major plans.

PFL’s biggest signing this off season has been Rory MacDonald by far. The former Bellator welterweight champion and UFC title challenger, Ray Cooper III is itching to get in the cage with MacDonald for one specific reason.

“He has a win over BJ Penn and that’s something I’m looking forward to getting back.”

The man who was the one to win the belt over Cooper last season was the Russian, Magomed Magomedkerimov. Cooper and Magomedkerimov were supposed to fight in the first round of the playoffs, but Magomed pulled out. If the opportunity to fight Magomed and MacDonald was presented to him, Cooper says he will take MacDonald.

“Right now I am probably going to want to go and Rory because honestly, Magomed didn’t want to fight in the playoffs. I’m looking forward to fighting Rory right off the bat next year.”

As for winning the belt, Ray Cooper III is thrilled to have accomplished his goal. But he knows this work isn’t done yet and is looking forward to repeating.

“It was awesome just to accomplish that and I am looking forward to go right back out of there next year and get back to the same position.”

When Cooper fought Chris Curtis in the semifinals, he acknowledged how talented Curtis is.

“My mind was more focused on Magomed. I didn’t find out until I walked in and I saw Chris there. Chris is a good boxer. He sticks with his punches and is good with his movement. I caught him and I stunned him a little bit and I knocked him out. He thought I was going to come for the takedown and I came over and I caught him.”

Anyone and everyone is a welcome name for Ray Cooper III. He plans on putting down everyone that comes in his path.

“I just want to repeat and just keep being a dominant force in the welterweight division. I know I am and I’ll take on all newcomers and and just run right through them.”

Ray Cooper III on PFL’s Allure

PFL has some of the best fighters in the world. From Cooper and Magomedkerimov to Kayla Harrison and Lance Palmer. Not to mention new names like MacDonald. PFL’s success is snowballing.

“I think I think the secret is in a season. You know, we fight five times a year, not many organizations do that. Obviously the big thing is the million dollar tournament and the crash million dollar project and everybody wants to jump on that. It’s just the formula they have.”

As for his preparation for season three of PFL, Cooper is ready to get back to what he does best. While the season is postponed because of the virus, he’s optimistic about the season regardless.

“I’m not really doing anything different. I’m just training hard and getting ready for this next season. I hope this whole thing blows over so they can start it. The whole thing is on pause right now because of this thing.”

Ferguson versus Gaethje

With the UFC’s sights on Tony Ferguson versus Justin Gaethje now, whenever the hell that happens, fans are excited for what might become known as perhaps the most violent fight in UFC history. This is exactly the kind of fight Ray Cooper III loves and he is looking forward to it big time.

“That’s going to be a crazy fight. If it goes the distance, Tony is going to have to cut him or tap him out because I don’t think Justin Gaethje is going to just lie down because he’s an animal too. But, I like Justin Gaethje because he’s a World Series of Fighting guy. I hope he gets that title.”

PFL’s season will begin as soon as this quarantine is lifted. When it is, Ray Cooper III will be there to defend his belt. Thanks for reading!

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