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Reggie Barnett Jr. ready for Bedford and calls Nguyen a “coward”

Following the news breaking last week of former BKFC lightweight champion Dat Nguyen refusing to come to terms with a new contract within the promotion, he was stripped of his title. Immediately following, BKFC president, David Feldman announced that former champion, Johnny Bedford and number one challenger, Reggie Barnett Jr. would vie for the vacant title at BKFC 19.

“Educated Hands” Reggie Barnett Jr. Didn’t take too kindly to the news considering his illustrious jagged history with the former champion, Nguyen. “It’s upsetting,” Barnett says. “It’s a little disappointing, but it also confirms everything that I was saying.”

Barnett and Nguyen had been scheduled several times previously, however, the bout never came to fruition due to reasons from Nguyen’s end. After many heated back and forth confrontations at BKFC events as well as social media, Barnett is convinced, “he out priced himself on purpose,” he claims. “You bowed out,” Barnett exclaims. “A real champion does not bow out because of money.” Continuing, How can you be so much of a fucking coward?” Barnett questioned. After several berating comments from Nguyen about Barnett’s character, his past as well as his family, Barnett is baffled that the former champ won’t “stand on your word?”

“He’s a coward. And I told him, ‘If you do not fight me, you have to live with the fact that you’re a coward. You have to live with the fact that your legacy is marred by the fact you’re the first Bare Knuckle fighter to be stripped of a title. Not me!”

However, with sights now set on his rematch with former champion, Johnny Bedford for the vacant BKFC title lightweight title, Barnett laughs exclaiming “I’m going to have to hear Johnny’s ass and then do it again,” suggesting the necessity of a rubber match pending Barnett defeats Bedford on July 23rd at BKFC 19.

Tune in above to hear this exclusive interview as “Educated Hands” Reggie Barnett Jr. tells his side of the story about Dat Nguyen being stripped of the title, refusing to fight him, his rematch with Bedford and so much more!

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