Ring of Combat 74 Live Stream and Results Dennis Buzukja vs Michael Lawrence

Dennis Buzukja (right) vs Michael Lawrence (left) - Photo by Angelo Carchesio for Ring of Combat

Ring of Combat 74 Live Stream & Results – Dennis Buzukja vs Michael Lawrence

On October 22nd, Ring of Combat 74 is live on FITE straight from the Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The event features the ROC Featherweight Championship and in the main event of the evening Dennis Buzukja takes on Michael Lawrence for the ROC Featherweight Title.

Order and watch ROC 74 below for $19.99.  First fight is at 8:30 pm ET.


Ring of Combat 74 results below:

Main event – ROC Featherweight Championship
145lbs Dennis Buzukja vs Michael Lawrence

Buzukja has the place on their feet as he enters the cage as the defending champ.  Buzukja looks amazing and lands a snapping double head kick, a dip and then a huge right hand that sends Lawrence to the canvas and Buzukja wastes little time pouncing and smashing and ending the fight.

Dennis Buzukja winner via TKO round 1  1:06

ROC Vacant Featherweight Championship
145lbs James Gonzalez vs Lerryan Douglas

Douglas comes out moving forward constantly forcing the counter attack from the savvy Gonzalez.  Gonzalez is throwing much more quantity but Gonzalez seems to be hitting some quality returns with his kicks and his hands.  Surprised that Gonzalez has not tried anything to get to the ground.  One attempt at a clench as we move to round 2

Round 2

Gonzalez once again in in defense mode as Douglas keeps charging forward.  Gonzalez continues to be effective with his counter-striking and does score a brief takedown as Ramirez pops back up.  Another very close round.

Round 3

Gonzalez wastes little time and locks his hands on a double leg attempt.  Ramirez is unable to defend and now Gonzalez is in his wheelhouse taking the mount and then the back before Ramirez can find guard again.  Gonzalez looking for the crucifix and is landing big ground strikes.  Gonzalez spends vast majority of round in this dominant position

James Gonzalez winner via unanimous decision 30-27 on all cards

ROC Vacant Lightweight Championship

155lbsDylan Mantello vs John Ramirez

Round 1

Ramirez comes out sneaky quick with his hands and is having a strong first round.  Ramirez has done a good job of making this a dirty fight and not allowing Mantello much space.  Ramirez scores a takedown and is looking to land ground and pound.  Mantello does a nice job defending and gets to the end of the round without any real damage being done.

Round 2

Mantello uses a nice level change on a combination to get inside and secure the takedown.  Mantello looks for spacing and lands some good ground work.  Mantello remains in dominant position for most of the round but Ramirez does get a reversal in the last 30 seconds.  I have this fight at 19-19 heading to the third.

Round 3

Ramirez looks like he is growing more confident, but Mantello is a gamer.  Ramirez game plan seems to be effective as he continues to frustrate Mantello.  Both fighters have their moments in the third round and this is a close one going to the scorecards.

John Ramirez wins via unanimous decision 29-28 29-28 29-28


155lbs Armando Gjetja vs Cedric Gunnison

Round 1

Gjetja the southpaw and Gunnison the traditional.  Nice calf kicks from Gunnison scores.  Gjetja seems to be finding his distance and lands a nice short elbow.  A lot of movement without much strikes from both men.  Heavy calf kick again from Gunnison.  Gjetja attempts a kick but its caught and he is taken down.  Gets back up and Gjetja buckles Gunnison with a left and again lands as the round ends.  A great 20 seconds for the Albanian, Gjetja

Round 2

Gunnison has a strong round but both of these guys score in multiple exchanges.  Gjetja is bleeding from his face and Gunnison seems to be gaining more momentum and looks fresh.

Round 3

These two have beaten each other up pretty good, but Gunnison stays the cleaner fighter.  Gjetja has a huge heart but this looks like Cedric’s fight.

Cedric Gunnnison wins via unanimous decision 30-27 30-27 30-27


185lbs Kareem Kline vs Thomas Lane

Round 1

Lane comes out and gets the takedown right away and is staying busy with hammer fists and transitions to the back and is looking for the RNC.  Good defense from Kline.  Lane doing all the scoring as Kline defends.  Dominant round for Lane, could be headed for a 10-8 round as Lane continues in the dominant position.

Round 2

Lane again takes him down at will and is in side control.  Ground and pound in full affect as he is against the cage leaving little room for Kline.  Action has slowed down as Kline holds on not allowing Lane to posture up.  Now Lane is scoring with some ground strikes

Round 3

Not a shock…Lane secures the takedown immediately.  Entire round has been spent in the same dominant position for Lane

Thomas Lane wins via unanimous decision  ..no score given

155lbs Robert Varricchio vs Eric Pozun

Round 1

Vicious knockout from a big right hand and Varrichico has the knockout of the night so far.

Robert Varricchio winner via referee stoppage due to strikes TKO

145lbs Ricardo Fuents vs Damion Nelson

Round 1

Both fighters feeling each other out.  Now the clench with Fuentes pushing.  Finally separated.  Nice counter right lands from Nelson.  Fuentes has been the fighter pressing the action and now Nelson spins and has him against the cage.  Back to the center of the cage.  Close round as we head to the second

Round 2

Fuentes looking for the takedown and nice defense from Nelson. Nice jab from Fuentes.  This round hqs beeen back and forth without much major damage,  Clinch briefly and back to the center.  Beautiful 1-2 from Nelson and you could see the sweat fly off Fuentes.

Round 3

Fuentes with q quick right that floors Nelson but he pops up immediately  Nelson with some nice body kicks,  Fuentes still doing the chasing with Nelson countering.  Head kick from Fuentes scores.  Very even round and fight.  Fuentes in on a single, it’s tight as he gets the brief takedown as we are back to the feet.  Fuentes continues to be the hunter as Nelson countering.

Damion Nelson wins via split decision 29-28 28-29 29-28


125 Patrick De La Mata vs Danny Ramirez

Ramirez is from Team Tiger Schulman and has a lot of fans here.  Big overhand right lands from DeLamata and Ramirez shakes it off.  Both guys exchanging but DeLaMata has landed the more damage thus far.  Ramirez in clinch looking form takedown and now transitions nicely to the back and is in dominant position.  Ramirez trying to get the finish and DeLaMata fights it off to make it to round 2.

Round 2

Not much damage done by either guy halfway through round 2.  Very technical round from the flyweights.  All stand-up but no major damage.  Ramirez in on a single and secures it.  Ground and pound and now the mount.  Ramirez gets reversed.  Nice move from DeLaMata.  DeLaMata tried to land some ground and pound as the bell rings

Round 3

Very uneventful first couple minutes of the third.  DeLaMata is pushing the action and Ramirez is game.  Ramirez in on a leg.  He scores the takedown and back to the feet quickly.  Garcia still forcing the clinch against the cage.  Now Ramirez spins to the back and now mount.  The fight ends with Ramirez in the dominant position

Danny Ramirez wins via unanimous decision 30-27 30-27 30-27

185lbs Chris Alcala vs AT McCowin

Round 1

Both guys are standing in the center and content to kickbox through the first 2 minutes and Alcala lands a nice right that shook McCowin.  McCowin is recovered and takes another right from Alcala.  McCowin lands a nice combo and is forcing the action.  Knee from McCowin to the body.  beautiful body kick from Alcala and McCowin gives it right back.  Alcala is bleeding from his right eyebrow and the eye is gonna need some work as the round ends

Round 2

McCowin starts strong with some kicks.  these guys are now exchanging and beating each other up.  Action has slowed down but again some even exchanges.  McCowin in southpaw stqnce lands several nice jabs.  McCowin ends strong while on the prowl.

Round 3

What a brawl.  Both guys punishing one another.  McCowin has switched stances a lot and is having success.  McCowin has been the agressor this round but Alcala still looks solid countering.  McCowin now bleeding from the brow.  Great fight

A.T. McCowin wins via unanimous decision 29-28 29-28 29-28


145lbs John Caldone vs Caleb Contreras

Round 1

First minute is very technical as both guys stathe middle of the cage and now Caldone forces the clinch and now seperated and Contreras lands a nice right hand and now gets the takedown.  Caldone lands a monster right to send Contreras  down and now Contreras showing resiliency and gets the takedown and on the back and fully recovered.  Reverse from Caldone and he is looking for posture. Hammers 4 or 5 rights and the round ends.  Great action.

Round 2

Caldone tries a kick but Contreras takes him down.  Caldone now reverses.  Back to their feet but clinched against the cage.  Contreras looks fresher and is landing combinations.  A few uppercuts and a knee has Contreras in control.  Both guys are exhausted and Caldone scores with lefts and rights.  Crazy fight and it’s over as caldone knocks out Contreras.  Amazing performances.  Holy shit

John Caldone wins via TKO 4:45 of round 2

125lbs Lauren Braccia vs Mary Kupp

Round 1

Big right from Kupp and into the clinch.  Both landing dirty boxing.  Kupp still looking for the takedown but good defense from Braccia.  Braccia now forcing the clinch and landed a couple knees.  Kupp lands a big right but Braccia back to clinch.  Kupp gets the takedown and is landing heavy ground and pound and now has Braccia’s back and secures the tap

Mary Kupp wins via tapout due to rear naked choke 4:16 Round 1

*fight card subject to change

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